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   Chapter 1350 I Have A Roaring Token

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The Queen of Punishment stared blankly at Lavender's statue, which seemed to stare back at her. She'd felt a deep sense of foreboding—if she did not kill Lavender the soonest possible, she might end up being dethroned.

She had learned from the queen's statue that a strand of Lavender's soul still remained. As long as the statue wasn't completely dark, Lavender's soul was alive somewhere in this universe.

However, the Queen of Punishment thought that it was useless. Lavender's soul would soon vanish any time, like a candle flame amidst a gale.

Thus, she didn't think too much when she found out about Lavender through the queen's statue.

The remaining soul had little to no effect, and at that time Zen was only a Virtual Tribulation Realm warrior. To her, Zen was no more than a mosquito.

The second time the Queen of Punishment saw Zen, he had broken through to the Life and Death Realm. It had only taken him a year or two and he also had quite the fast cultivation speed. However, she still didn't consider him a big threat. In her opinion, warriors at the Virtual Tribulation Realm and the Life and Death Realm weren't that powerful.

Nevertheless, she had decided to be on guard during that time.

That was why she had forcefully controlled the members of the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place—she had intended to destroy Lavender's soul. However, Zen had discovered her plan in advance, and managed to stop her from fulfilling her plan.

And now, Lavender's soul had gotten a million times stronger!

It was further confirmed as it was something that she could sense from the statue, which was filled with killing intent.

'An almighty master has helped Lavender repair her soul...' The Queen of Punishment's face was unreadable. 'It seemed like that man has ascended to the Upper World, ' she thought.

While Lavender's soul had been repaired, it still wasn't enough to threaten the Queen of Punishment—only later, she had discovered that Lavender's soul which used to be like only a spark, seemed to have the power to burn now.

Therefore, the Queen felt uneasy and threatened.

It was possible to restore Lavender's soul now, which meant that she could obtain a complete physical body in the future. She might even recover her cultivation and be strong enough to fight back against the Queen of Punishment.

With that thought in mind, the Queen of Punishment began to feel queasy. Even Lavender's statue looked like it had a mocking look in its eyes.

"How dare you mock me?" With teeth clenched, the Queen of Punishment angrily flicked a finger. An invisible wave of energy rippled out, which caused Lavender's statue to crack and suddenly collapse.

The queens' statues which were scattered throughout sacred places of the Demon Night were made of different materials. Those that were in the Queen of Punishment's hall were made of the best adamantine spar, but could not withstand the power of a light flick from her finger

a queen!"

"So the Queen of Punishment is called Elena," Zen said. He decided to remember her name by heart, as he couldn't always call her a bitch.

Suddenly, Leroy Meng responded right away, "You bitch, you're not even qualified to call me a traitor! Lavender's soul has recovered a lot, and some powerful master might've even helped her. I'm sure that you'll be dethroned someday. I am indeed about to enter the Five Aging Processes, but I believe that I could wait and see you be exiled in the future!"

Leroy's words had sent Lavender into a state of frenzy.

Back then, Lavender had always maintained a calm and cold exterior no matter the situation. However, she was extremely excited right now, which had never happened before.

"A powerful master has helped her? Ha-ha! Just so you know, only a part of her soul has been repaired, and she hasn't completely recovered yet. She even has no way of responding to you right now. I'm afraid that she doesn't even have a Roaring Token!" the Queen of Punishment sneered. At that moment, a few other voices from around the universe chimed in as well.

"Leroy, find a suitable replacement for Lavender, as the Queen of Killings is right.

Why are you still so stubborn? Can't you see the current situation now?"

"Now, it's impossible for Lavender to return to the Demon Night. Her remnant soul won't be able to hold on for long..."

"Leroy, do you think we're only good for show? Who in the universe could cast Elena off the throne? You? Humph! Don't be so silly!"

Those who responded with the Roaring Tokens were none other than the Night Demon's Supreme Lords, who were all supporters of the Queen of Punishment.

When Lavender heard their words, she bit her bottom lip and said, "It's really sad that I don't have a Roaring Token..."

While Lavender felt gloomy, Zen simply smiled.

Lavender saw Zen and frowned. "What's so funny?"

"Because I have a Roaring Token," Zen said with a sly smile.

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