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   Chapter 1349 Dazzling Light

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Despite Yolande's shock, she had absorbed the memories of her two clones who had known Zen for quite some time. It was astonishing that Zen had managed to obtain the Thunder Wind Divine Sword, but it didn't take her too long to accept this fact.

That was also why she had been very calm when the manager of the weapons used the message rune to inform her. She believed that Zen was able to obtain a good weapon.

Still, Zen had exceeded her expectations and had obtained an extraordinary first-rank divine weapon.

Timothy was even more shocked. He stood frozen at the entrance of the hall.

He was prejudiced against those who ascended from the Lower World. In addition to that, he was incompatible with Yolande, so he naturally wasn't happy to see this happen.

Even if he didn't bump into Zen right then, he would surely hear about him obtaining the Thunder Wind Divine Sword sooner or later.

The sword was so precious that even though he was the vice head, he was allowed to borrow it for a short time.

But now, it belonged to Zen, completely!

He was just a fifth level Life and Death Realm junior, and he had been in the Mist Palace for less than a day and yet he managed to snap up the sword.

It wasn't hard to imagine how much this frustrated Timothy. If Yolande wasn't there at the point, he might have played the bully and just snatched the sword from the boy's hand.

But then again, he was the vice head of the palace. It would be too shameful if he really went so far as to snatch the sword from Zen!

He just glared at Zen and the sword in his hand angrily. The sword that he had once desired was now detestable in his eyes. Finally, he turned around and entered the True Mysterious Hall.

"Congrats to you," Yolande smiled at Zen. She was quite happy to see Timothy looking dejected for the second time that day.

Zen merely nodded in reply. He was more worried about Lavender.

Yolande, of course, understood this looking at his expression. However, this was not the place or the time to discuss this matter, so she led Zen into a hall.

After they made sure that nobody else was around, Yolande took out the Soul Nurturing Wood and passed it to Zen.

He scanned the wood after taking it from her. He could feel that Lavender's soul was now much stronger than before, in fact it was even stronger than his own. He was also surprised to see that the surface of her soul was emitting a faint layer of silver-colored radiance.

"Her soul... It's at the Silver Fighting Soul Realm!" Zen exclaimed.

When a soul was strong enough, it could reach the Fighting Soul Realm. At this realm one's soul would be considered strong enough to assist one's physical body in battles.

Zen's soul had already entered the Jasper Fighting Soul Realm. Above that was the Silver Fighting Soul Realm, a much stronger and

reasons, she believed that she had done nothing wrong.

She sized up Zen with a hint of curiosity on her face, "You've only reached the fifth level of the Life and Death Realm but you've already ascended to the Upper World. You didn't ascend on your own. You had some help, didn't you?"

Free ascension through the ascending passage was an ancient and rigid rule. Lavender had never heard of a warrior who could ascend on his or her own without reaching the Soul Sea Realm.

Zen shook his head and answered earnestly, "Yes, I ascended on my own through the ascending passage."

"But..." A baffled expression appeared on Lavender's face.

Zen smiled softly. Lavender had been in a deep slumber for a long time. He began to tell her about his journey to the Divine Kingdom Continent, as well as everything that had happened after that...

At the same time, about thirty thousand supreme worlds away from the Mist Palace, a pretty woman in a yellow robe stood quietly in front of a statue, her eyes full of hatred.

This charming woman wasn't human. She had a perfect figure quite unlike an ordinary human girl, and the biggest difference was her long, pointed ears.

She was another queen of the Demon Night race — the Queen of Punishment, who had two head-on conflicts with Zen!

There were three queens' statues in her palace just like the ones in the other residences of the Demon Night race.

These days, she had been keeping an eye on the statue of Lavender, the Queen of Killings.

She knew that Lavender had been on the verge of dying. There was only a faint light on the statue; it hadn't vanished completely. It seemed that Lavender's soul would die anytime now — something she was looking forward to!

But earlier today, the statue had suddenly started emitting a dazzling red light. The red light had a thick aura of slaughter, and it was quite disturbing to her eyes.

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