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   Chapter 1348 Unexpected News

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Zen didn't even have time to examine the first-rank divine weapon in his hand before he heard the martial artists continuously denouncing the white-eyebrowed elder. The martial artists were not happy with what he did.

The white-eyebrowed elder was a high-ranking senior. However, now he was besieged by so many martial artists of the younger generation. Plus, he was in the wrong, so he didn't know what to say. Respect aside, he was supposed to apologize.

"What, what are you talking about?" Zen walked over with a light smile on his face.

The white-eyebrowed elder realized that if he did not give an explanation, the juniors wouldn't let him go. He sighed and grudgingly said to Zen, "I'm so sorry about what I did just now. It's not that I did not want you to obtain the sword; but, I was curious about your limits and thus, I controlled the light spot."

"You finally admit it! You have indeed controlled the light spot!"

"What a shame! The Weapon House might as well change its name to Dark Heart House!"

"I don't believe you anymore." The martial artists all roared at the elder in protest.

The white-eyebrowed elder had admitted his mistake, but the martial artists were still aggressive, making it hard for him to back down.

Surely, Zen knew that the blue light dot was being controlled by the white-eyebrowed elder. However, in the end, Zen had obtained the sword, and he even accepted the elder's excuse. Zen waved his hand and said, "It's alright. It was just a little strenuous activity."

If the white-eyebrowed elder had insisted on not letting him have the sword, then Zen really might not have been able to obtain it.

Since the elder had now made an apology, the martial artists who had a strong sense of justice quelled the anger in their hearts. Then, they looked at the first-rank divine weapon in Zen's hand with envy. It was a magnificent weapon, and they would all have relished having it.

For the vast majority of martial artists, an ordinary first-rank divine weapon was even something that was far beyond their reach.

The standard length of an ordinary long sword was three feet and three inches, but the Thunder Wind Divine Sword was five feet long. It was nearly fifty percent longer than an ordinary sword; this ensured a further reach during combat, making its wielder formidable.

Furthermore, its blade was slightly wider than that of an ordinary sword. It was somewhat similar to a heavy sword, but the blade was extremely thin and therefore more lightweight. In a sustained battle, it would enable another advantage to the martial artist who possessed it.

At a glance, the sword had two layers. The inner core was light blue, while the outer edge was golden red. The hilt was engraved with complex patterns. From its appearance, it more resembled an exquisite piece of art, than a weapon.

As for its power…

Zen hadn't known that he was being tested here. This group of martial artists had helped him, so he didn't mind letting them admire his sword for a while longer. After a while, he placed the swor

th Zen's cultivation level, he could at best have obtained a third-rank divine weapon. If he was lucky, he would have been able to claim a secondary second-rank divine weapon. However, Timothy did not care about this at all.

Zen smiled faintly and then took out the five-foot-long Thunder Wind Divine Sword from his space ring and said, "I've got this."

The power contained within the Thunder Wind Divine Sword was astonishing. Even though Timothy had his back to Zen and was going to enter the hall, he felt the sword light pierce his back. The weapon emanated power and awed all who were near it.

Timothy was almost as strong as a world lord. Only extremely sharp divine weapons could make him feel this awe. Ordinary swords had no effect on him.

He had already taken a step into the True Mysterious Hall, but now he looked over his shoulder and stared intently at the weapon in Zen's hand.

He was very familiar with the Thunder Wind Divine Sword.

And he had even used it for a period of time many years ago.

However, as the vice leader of the Mist Palace, he was only qualified to use it, and could not claim it for himself.

He hadn't expected that Zen would actually be able to take ownership of the sword. His face was filled with an expression of disbelief.

Actually, he wasn't the only one who was surprised. Yolande's beautiful eyes were also filled with surprised awe. When Elder Yue had spoken to her via the message rune, she was doing her best to restore Lavender's soul, so she didn't talk anything else with him. Originally, she had thought that Zen had taken a secondary first-rank divine weapon, or an ordinary first-rank one.

However, she had never thought that Zen would actually be able to claim a former leader's Thunder Wind Divine Sword. She just couldn't believe it! Never, not even in her wildest dreams, had she considered Zen to be that powerful.

She couldn't help but shake her head. From her memories, she recalled that Zen had always been like this, always causing others to be surprised.

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