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   Chapter 1347 Complaints

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Zen bid his time for a while at this height.

He could already clearly see the trajectory of the blue light dot.

As he determined the direction it was going in, a bright light flashed in his eyes as his body moved ahead.


Even though the surge of energy within his body was close to its limits, he did not slow down as he rushed forward.

As per his judgment, he should have an eighty percent chance of making it.

The warriors on the ground were quite excited.

"His victory is in sight! He can still maintain such a speed even now! He's extraordinary!"

"Any of those three divine weapons would be invaluable. He will possess one so soon after entering Mist Palace. I really envy him."

Zen leaped toward the blue light dot, the distance between the two rapidly shrinking.

The light dot drifted aimlessly. However, Zen had estimated the possible trajectory in the next few seconds and waited there ahead of time.

It could be said that Zen was one step ahead of the light dot in reaching its destination. As the light dot moved, it only came closer to him.

"It's close!"

At the moment, a hint of a smile rested on Zen's face as he stretched his hand to grab the light dot.

When the light dot was less than a foot away from his hand, it suddenly seemed to have sensed danger ahead and stopped mid-air.

The smile on Zen's face froze. As he clenched his teeth, his body flashed as he made a move to grab it.

However, as he did that, the light dot retreated backward.

Zen, along with the warriors of Weapon House, was greatly surprised.

"Seriously? I have never heard of anything like this! The light dot has slipped away!"

It was similar to how Rhydian had been trying to grab the red light dot earlier, but when he almost touched it, it left him.

The warriors knew that the light dots were floating randomly. In Rhydian's case, they blamed it on his misfortune. They thought that if his luck had been a little better, he would not have failed.

But the way the blue light dot moved away just now was outrageous.

The moment it was about to reach Zen, it stopped abruptly. When Zen had reached out to grab it, it looked like it darted away at will.

It was unbelievable.

Zen did not let it bother him too much. He did not want to waste more of his time and was not discouraged by failure. On the contrary, he tried his best to maintain his height. As he had leaped toward the light dot, his body fell four feet down. He now slowly ascended, his face beginning to turn stormy. It was quite difficult for any warrior to maintain his or her height while at the same time resisting the great gravitational force.

However, the warriors b

grew louder and louder and the atmosphere grew tense. Some of the warriors stepped forward to the white-eyebrowed elder. "Elder Yue, have you tricked us?"

"That's right. If you don't want to give us the weapons, just tell us frankly. Don't fool us!"

"Hey man! Come down. You can't get the weapon. Elder Yue is just making fun of you!"

As the crowd clamored, the white-eyebrowed elder could no longer hold back his misery. His face was red from embarrassment. If this news were to get out, no warrior would come to the Weapon House again. That had not been the original intention.

He had just discovered that although Zen could not catch the light dot by himself, his physical strength was extraordinary. Zen managed to keep himself at a height of two hundred feet. As soon as his height was lowered, he unfailingly increased it again.

The white-eyebrowed elder had no way to determine the limits to Zen's strength. If he increased the gravity of the divine texture by several times, Zen might be unable to withstand it. However, it was troublesome to modify the divine texture.

As the elder stood being ridiculed by everyone in a slight daze, Zen took it as an opportunity to rush forward.

He had already noticed the situation below and could guess what was happening. Losing no time in taking advantage of this, he once again moved toward the blue light dot. He drained almost all of his potential and increased his speed substantially. Zen reached out to grab the blue light dot and then descended at full tilt. Steadily, he landed on the ground and a sharp sword of astonishing length appeared in his hand.

Even though Zen had now obtained the sword, the other warriors did not stop accusing the white-eyebrowed elder. The scene seemed to be getting a bit out of control.

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