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   Chapter 1346 Control The Light Dots

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The other warriors of the Weapon House didn't know what was going on. They felt that it was very easy for Zen to keep ascending higher and higher.

In addition to the white-eyebrowed elder, Rhydian also found the whole thing pretty mysterious.

Previously, when Rhydian flew higher off the ground, he had also deliberately suppressed a portion of his strength. He did this because he wanted to conserve his strength in order to use it after reaching a certain height. So his purpose was different from Zen's.

Despite deliberately restraining his strength, he would still be suppressed by the gravitational force after reaching this desired height. But he couldn't be as calm and composed as Zen and maintain a uniform speed.

Judging by this, Zen's strength was far from reaching its limit!

One hundred and fifty feet, one hundred and sixty feet...

Small white light dots were jumping around Zen haphazardly. Within these dots lay second-rank divine weapons.

Some light dots even landed on Zen's face. If he reached out to grab them, he could get them easily.

However, he continued to raise his head, and the chaotic energy within his body spun more wildly...

Second-rank divine weapons existed at one hundred and sixty feet above the ground, while the secondary first-rank divine weapons were located at a height of one hundred and eighty feet.

There were only four red light dots at a height of one hundred and ninety feet. These red dots signified the first-rank divine weapons that Rhydian had paid for. They cost him four hundred life vitality jades.

The only divine weapon that Zen had chosen, with a blue light dot, floated at a height of two hundred feet. The blue light dot was constantly dancing close to the ceiling of the dome...


The gravitational force was also getting stronger and stronger now!

Zen was finding it hard to move up now. However, he maintained a delicate balance and made his chaotic energy spin faster and faster. At the same time, he used the power of the dragon scales to resist the gravitational pull.

The dragon scales within his body lit up one by one like a string of lights.

Five hundred dragon scales...

One thousand...

Two thousand...

When four thousand dragon scales were activated, he had already reached a height of one hundred and ninety feet!

If he moved horizontally at this moment, he could have pursued the four first-rank divine weapons.

"This guy's real target is the Thunder Wind Divine Sword..."

"Actually, if he grabs a first-rank divine weapon, he would make a fortune! But this guy seems to be unsatisfied with those divine weapons."

"Nonsense! He has the ability to chase the better weapon, so surely he would not pick the worse one."

The warriors had already gauged that Zen possessed the strength to do so!

t of their friends for a year...

Zen's body stabilized at a height of two hundred feet. He knew that if he relaxed even slightly, his efforts would be for naught and he would fall straight to the ground like Rhydian.

Therefore, after reaching this height, he concentrated all of his energy on resisting the force of gravity and did not rush to chase after the blue light dot.

The blue light dot continued to flutter about without any care. Occasionally, it would move closer to Zen to tempt him but just as it came close to him, it suddenly leaped away.

Three seconds...

Six seconds...

Zen's breathing became heavier and more strained.

His physical body had already reached the limit at which he could bear the power. If he were to increase the power by even the slightest bit, it would break his physical body and he would come smashing down to the ground.

"He is lost in thought even at a height of two hundred feet. This guy is really strange..."

"He is probably concentrating on that blue light dot. Hovering at the height of two hundred feet is just too scary. Right now it's like he's walking on a tightrope. He can slow down. After all he can still withstand it, but he can't make any mistakes. Otherwise he'll just fall down!"

"But even if he moves slowly, there must be a limit. He's just standing still there!"

At this moment, the white-eyebrowed elder was already standing and looking at Zen...

A thought suddenly appeared in the white-eyebrowed elder's mind. He did not think that Zen would obtain this Thunder Wind Divine Sword so easily. He wanted to see the limit of Zen's strength!

The white-eyebrowed elder had personally set up these light dots. If he wanted, he could easily control them.

He didn't mean to make things difficult for Zen. It was just that he was really curious and wanted to see whether Zen could hold on or not...

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