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   Chapter 1345 I Know

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The Weapon House was quite spacious, but the dome above Zen was only about two hundred feet high.

If it weren't for this powerful gravitational pressure, any martial artist would be perfectly capable of reaching the top of the dome if they wanted to.

When Zen had risen to fifty feet high, the gravitational pressure was almost equal to that of a huge mountain weighing down on his body.

This wasn't a problem to Zen. He was able to maintain his speed as he rose and he wasn't even breaking a sweat. He kept his focus on the blue dot of light at the very center of the dome—that was his target.

When Zen rose by another twenty feet, he was already able to touch the white dots of light on the lowest layer.

When Zen saw the secondary third-rank weapons of all kinds wrapped in the white light dots, he didn't let himself get attracted. He just shifted his gaze and continued to rise. He could only take one weapon in this attempt. If he caught any of the white light spots, he would be most likely pulled down.

The gravitational force had already doubled when Zen reached a height of seventy feet, and it began to cause more pressure for him.

However, the pressure was still very minimal as he continued to slowly rise.

When Zen reached one hundred feet, the pressure from the gravitational force became even greater. At this point, what floated around him were third-rank divine weapons now.

He continued to go up…

When he reached one hundred and twenty feet, the gravity increased yet again. The specks of light around him were secondary second rank divine weapons now…

He continued to rise...

As this happened, all the warriors in the Weapon House were silent.

It was only then that they realized that Zen's calm demeanor wasn't an act.

Even if he wanted to fake it, he couldn't because he needed the strength.

When Rhydian had reached this height before, his face had turned red due to the pressure of the gravity. However, there was still no signs of changes on Zen's face. He didn't show any signs of struggling with the pressure either.

The elder was shocked to witness this and it was written all over his face.

"A boy has reached such a height and he's still able to maintain his speed. Normally, the gravity should be having some effect on him already."

When other warriors tried to obtain a weapon from the dome, it was normal to maintain speed as the warrior rose in the beginning. But Zen had already reached a height of one hundred and twenty feet. At this height, he was still able to easily control his speed. If his strength were to suddenly erupt sending him into a rush towards the dome, up to what height could he possibly reach?

The elder had actually wanted to discourage Zen from trying. Zen had take

ediately took out a message rune and as it burned, he recorded a voice message.

"Master, there's a young boy here whose purpose is to obtain a weapon. It looks like he just joined the Mist Palace. I was wondering who recruited him here. The boy is actually..."

Before the elder could finish speaking, Yolande's indifferent voice interrupted him, "I know."

"How do you know?" The elder was surprised. He hadn't even finished what he was going to say and the leader wasn't even here in the Weapon House. How could she already know who he was referring to?

"I was the one who brought Zen into the Mist Palace. Let him take whatever he can get from there…" When Yolande finished speaking, she cut off the message right away. Since she had promised Zen that she would help him recover Lavender's soul, she had no intention of going back on her word.

As for the elder's words, Yolande didn't take them to heart.

Zen surely wasn't the only martial artist entering the Weapon House at this time. However, Yolande was certain that the only person who could make this old man suddenly talk to him was Zen. As for the two fellows Timothy had brought, they just couldn't surprise the old man.

No matter what, she still had a lot of confidence in Zen…

After Yolande cut off the message rune, the elder looked at Zen and realized that he was the boy who had been personally brought in by the leader of the palace.

Even if it was the leader who had personally brought him in, that still wasn't an explanation as to why Zen was so amazing. The elder thought this over. The thirteen palaces were intended to be the places where talents for the alliance were discovered and honed. Every year, leaders and vice leaders from every palace brought in so many talents and they were all amazing. However, even so, Zen's talent was still too rare.

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