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   Chapter 1344 A Constant Speed

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The second page of the scroll wasn't even a secret in the Weapon House.

The tradition had been passed down through the generations of the Mist Palace.

When an old leader of the Mist Palace left his post, he usually left behind one of his treasures and placed it in the Weapon House.

These three weapons belonged to the previous three leaders of the Mist Palace.

Even first-rank divine weapons would be classified according to quality.

The divine weapons of the previous leaders were naturally more powerful and much better than ordinary first-rank divine weapons.

So the rule was that if one wanted to place the first-rank divine weapons on the first page into the dome, they had to pay one hundred life vitality jades and they could then choose any four weapons to place in the dome.

But if one wanted to place the first-rank divine weapons of the second page into the dome, they also had to pay one hundred life vitality jades, but could only choose one weapon.

Zen observed these three weapons carefully.

Of the three weapons, two were sabers—the Positive Energy Saber and the Flame Shadow Saber!

Zen had never practiced saber skills, which meant that sabers weren't suitable for him. He casually browsed through them, his eyes skimming over the picture.

Soon, Zen's gaze fell on the last weapon.

A sword.

"The Thunder Wind Divine Sword!"

This sword was five feet long.

The force of the sword was like the wind, and the attack of the sharp sword like the thunder.

"I used this sword for two hundred thousand years in the universe and when I left my post, I placed it in the Weapon House.

Those who are lucky to meet this weapon can get it with their own strength.

I wish the one who obtains this sword is able to achieve greater things with the help of this sword."

Zen read the text underneath the sword. Those words had probably been left behind by the previous leader of the Mist Palace.

Once he had finished reading, Zen's eyes flashed. He pulled out one hundred life vitality jades from his space ring and handed them over to the white-eyebrowed elder.

The white-eyebrowed elder smiled and asked, "Have you chosen the weapon?"

"Yes," said Zen, nodding.

"What have you chosen? I'll release it for you," the white-eyebrowed elder said, his smile steady.

Zen pointed and said, "I want the Thunder Wind Divine Sword."

The elder's smile vanished. "This sword has been left behind by the leader before last," he said flatly.

"Has this leader undergone the Five Aging Processes?" Zen asked.

Zen was just a young man, and the time scale of the Upper World was way different from what he could imagine. It was likely that the previous leader had entered the Five Aging Processes since leaving his

ng to be calm. I think he's only barely holding on. I've seen too many of his kind!"

"You're right. This guy should be able to obtain a third-rank divine weapon at most!" Matteo remarked.

When the warriors around them heard this, some of them whispered, "He is stronger than you. He can get a third-rank divine weapon pretty easily."

The white-eyebrowed elder, however, continued to look upon Zen with an amiable gaze laced with a tinge of surprise.

He had guarded the Weapon House for so many years and had seen many warriors try to obtain divine weapons. There were many peerless talents among them who had had great confidence in themselves. But the white-eyebrowed elder had always felt the fluctuations in their state of mind.

Even though Rhydian had also slowly ascended, he still needed to make use of a portion of his strength to resist the gravity. Because of this, he hadn't risen at a constant speed. He moved in jerks, sometimes fast, sometimes slow.

This was very similar to a person pushing a car, with strength being rhythmically released bit by bit.

There was, however, an exception. If the car was very light, the person pushing the car could deal with it pretty easily, allowing the car to maintain a constant speed. But when a person pushed a heavy car, he could maintain a constant speed only if he had immense strength.

It was similar to how Zen was moving upward. His speed was even, not too fast, not too slow. He wasn't going to slow down even a little. This meant that Zen's strength was more than enough to deal with the gravity and suppress it.

'This guy has maintained a uniform speed right from the very beginning. He's probably trying to show off his strength. But does he have enough of it? And how high can he reach with such a uniform speed?' the white-eyebrowed elder thought to himself.

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