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   Chapter 1343 The Second Page

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Rhydian had originally planned to unleash his full strength once he was about five feet away from the red light dots. While gravity was steady, he thought he could seize an opportunity to charge forward and get the weapon.

It was said a master had once used this method to obtain a first-rank divine weapon.

However, Rhydian had almost reached his limits for now. It would be difficult for him to raise his height even by an inch. At the moment, he could only rely on his own will to hold on.

After several seconds, he finally managed to rise a few feet higher. He realized that he was now a spent arrow; if he didn't employ his full strength now, he might never get another chance to do so. At the thought of this, he gritted his teeth and the life vitality within his body began to roll over in massive waves.

Rhydian had been rising slowly, but now with his life vitality surging, he suddenly sped up.

In the moment that his strength erupted, the gravity pressing down from the dome multiplied by several times.

"I've been tricked!" he cried out.

To himself, he wondered, 'Didn't they say that there would be a delay in the increase of gravity? Why did the gravitational force increase the moment my power erupted?'

The white-browed man sitting at the table had a sneer on his face. "By using crooked ways instead of relying on your own strength, you will always fail miserably!"

Actually, it wasn't that Rhydian had been tricked.

It was indeed possible to collect the divine weapon from the dome by using this method in a certain window of time.

The gravity divine texture on the dome constantly detected the martial artist's condition. However, this detection had a certain degree of time-delay. Some martial artists discovered the loophole, so they suppressed their strength at the beginning when they flew to the dome and then unleashed it when they figured that it was time to take advantage.

Although this period of delay was short—less than the blink of an eye—it was enough for a martial artist to ascend.

Weapon House certainly could not allow such a loophole to exist. Although they did not explicitly ban it, they secretly repaired the divine texture on the dome and eliminated it.

This was something that Rhydian didn't know. He falsely believed that he could take advantage of the loophole and get the divine weapon.

Although the life vitality within his body had been unleashed, the gravitational force too multiplied by several times. The burst of life vitality had driven his body higher by several feet, but it was still some distance away from the nearest speck of red light.

Worse, the speck of red light intentionally floated toward him. He was only a foot away from the red dot, but the small gap was like a chasm for Rhydian.

"I'll go all out to get it!"

Suddenly, Rhydian's eyes flashed red. He bit down on the tip of his tongue and h

ed him, so he wanted to take a closer look to see if he had better choice.

"Sure." The old man nodded and quickly unrolled the picture scroll before handing it to Zen.

There were a total of sixteen first rank divine weapons on the first page. Rhydian had picked out four swords out of these sixteen.

Zen skimmed through the pictures one by one. Apart from the four swords that Rhydian had chosen, there were sabers, spears, bows, and even a bag of arrows…

One look alone told Zen that he did not need to pay another one hundred life vitality jades to get any of these. However, after flipping over the paper, he discovered that there was another page of weapons.

"Eh? There is a second page?" A curious expression appeared on Zen's face.

Only three weapons were pictured on the second page.

When Rhydian saw Zen's curious expression, his lip curled. "You don't need to look at the second page. You can't get those weapons!"

Zen glanced at Rhydian indifferently. "What does that have to do with you? I'm the one who gets to decide which page I want to look at!"

Rhydian was furious about picking a secondary third-rank divine weapon, but when he heard the kid who had only just entered Mist Palace speak to him in such a manner, killing intent arose within him. Matteo, who was beside him, said, "Brother, he is one rude brat!"

Sensing Rhydian's killing intent, Zen remained unmoved. Instead, he glanced at Metteo with contempt as he continued to examine the second page.

The white-browed elder smiled. "Everyone must observe the rules of Weapon House. If you want to fight, go outside!"

Of course, Rhydian would not fight here. He only wanted to intimidate Zen. The white-browed man turned to Zen. "The weapons on the second page were left behind by former leaders of the palace. If you pay another one hundred life vitality jades, you can choose one of those three items and I will put it on the dome."

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