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   Chapter 1342 The Red Light Dots

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Seeing how his brother had worked so hard and still only managed to obtain a third-rank divine weapon, Rhydian was a little disheartened.

As Matteo got up from the ground, a look of unwillingness crept on his face.

With their status, they held third-rank divine weapons in contempt. Matteo, now standing on the side, said furiously, "I underestimated the pressure of the dome! Rhydian, I want to try again!"

The cost of trying again was three hundred life vitality jades, which equaled three million supreme life vitality crystals. To most warriors, this was a stupendous sum.

Of course, to the warriors of the Mist Palace, it was not a small amount of savings either. Although it cost a lot of life vitality jades, since Matteo desired it, Rhydian reached into his pocket and took out three hundred life vitality jades, throwing them onto the white-eyebrowed elder's table.

The elder smiled faintly. As the elder received the three hundred life vitality jades, Matteo once again leaped forward, flying toward the dome.

In fact, with Matteo's strength, he could have easily grabbed a secondary second-rank divine weapon. But what he got his hands on was a third-rank one instead. He was unwilling to accept this fact and decided to have a try once again. Since he had lost a chance already, this time he wanted to do his best to obtain a divine weapon of a higher rank.

His target was a secondary first-rank divine weapon...

Now that he had such a wild ambition, he had to pay the corresponding price. His goal was to possess a secondary first-rank divine weapon, but in the end, he was hit by the giant pressure before being smashed onto the ground. He had managed to receive nothing once again.

Upon seeing what happened, Rhydian frowned as well.

As for the other warriors in the Weapon House, they sighed. Matteo had wasted three hundred life vitality jades just like that—for absolutely nothing in return. It was really a pity.

This time, Matteo was too embarrassed to try again, so he stepped aside silently.

Suddenly, Rhydian took out four hundred life vitality jades and handed them over to the white-eyebrowed elder. He said, "Here are four hundred life vitality jades. Let me have a try this time!"

'Four hundred life vitality jades?' Zen thought, his eyes flashing with surprise. Just now they said the task only needed three hundred life vitality jades. Why was Rhydian paying one hundred more life vitality jades this time?

However, the talk of the warriors around Zen made him realize what was up.

"Oh no. Rhydian is truly ambitious. He has his eyes on those first-rank divine weapons!"

"Rhydian is very powerful.


Hence, Rhydian slowly flew up. Even so, the surge of energy was still very powerful. As he rose higher and higher, the gravity that he felt grew stronger and stronger.

Right now, many white light dots floated around Rhydian. Within the dots were various secondary third-rank divine weapons. Weapons of this level naturally did not attract his attention. He continued to move higher without once glancing at them.

Very quickly, he reached the light dots that covered the second-rank divine weapons.

The warriors inside Weapon House once again started to whisper to each other.

"He has already reached the place where the second-rank divine weapons are placed. It would be great if he were to just grab a second-rank divine weapon at random!"

"That's right. A second-rank divine weapon is not bad either. But since he has already handed over one hundred more life vitality jades, his target must be a first-rank divine weapon..."

"It is tough to obtain a first-rank divine weapon. If he is unable to grab hold of it, I'm afraid he would leave empty-handed."

At the moment, Rhydian's face was completely red. Under the great gravitational pressure, it was much harder to ascend even by an inch. But he still gritted his teeth and slowly moved upward. Facing the white lights floating around him, he could not be bothered to even glance at them.

He only paid attention to the red light dots that contained the first-rank divine weapons.

As he slowly moved upward inch by inch, he passed the second-rank divine weapons and got to the area of the secondary first-rank divine weapons.

He was now less than ten feet away from the red lights. As he looked at the four red light dots floating in the air, his eyes flashed with a savage gleam.

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