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   Chapter 1341 Weapons Under The Dome

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Standing at the entrance of the Weapon House, Zen keenly observed for a while and then saw two people walk over.

They happened to be those who had clashed with Zen on the stairs of the Mist Palace previously. Each of them held a small jade pendant in their hands. After waving it in front of the two Spirit Supreme Realm guards, they were permitted to enter the Weapon House.

Then a sudden realization hit Zen as he took in this scene.

'I'm so stupid, ' he mused. The jade pendant, which was given to him by Yolande, of course, had its uses.

Accordingly, he walked up to the guards and also waved his jade pendant before entering the Weapon House right behind the two warriors.

The other warriors standing outside the House made a ruckus and wanted to squeeze in just behind Zen.

The faces of the two guards at the entrance darkened as they swiftly blocked their path.

"We're just going in to take a look. Given that we don't have a jade pendant, we can't choose weapons."

"It doesn't affect anything. Please let us in."

Zen turned his head to look back and was speechless. 'I'm only picking a weapon. What is there to look at?' he thought, shaking his head. It seemed that there was no lack of gossips everywhere, even in the Upper World.

He didn't expect that their pleas would be so effective. The guards just said, "Don't make a ruckus in there! Anyone who doesn't obey the rule will be thrown out."

After receiving the approval of the two guards, those warriors gladly followed Zen into the Weapon House.

"Hey! Hey! Hey, newcomer." A warrior at the eighth level of Life and Death Realm patted Zen's shoulder from behind.

However, before he could touch Zen, his body gently twisted, easily dodging this patter. He then asked indifferently, "What is it?"

The warrior was surprised for a moment before he probed, "What rank of weapon do you want to choose?"

Hearing this, Zen replied, "Naturally, the more suitable the weapon, the better."

"Ha-ha, that's a good answer. These juniors are now staring at the powerful weapons. They don't know what suits them the best!" said a white-eyebrowed elder who was seated in a corner of the Weapon House.

Zen nodded his head towards the old man and smiled. The old man then said, "If you want to choose a weapon, you can now hand over the jade pendant to me."

After turning over the jade pendant, Zen carefully looked around the Weapon House.

In the center of the Weapon House was a wide dome, and under this dome, there floated numerous balls of light.

Zen silently scrutinized these balls of light. Then he figured out that they, in fact, contained weapons of all shapes and sizes.

"There are loads of divine weapons!"

No wonder when Zen asked Yolande whether there were divine weapons in the Weapon House, her face showed an expression of not knowing whether to laugh or cry. She probably thought that he had underestimated the Mist Palace.

Each one of the weapons wrapped in these balls of light was a divine weapon.

It was probably Zen's words that made the

sharply into the air.

By the time Matteo Xie had jumped to a height of 20 feet, his speed had already slackened down. From the looks of it, he seemed to be struggling a bit.

Keeping their eyes glued on this rueful scene, the surrounding warriors couldn't help starting to discuss among themselves.

"Rhydian Xie is extraordinarily powerful, but his little brother is nothing special."

"I don't think he can get a secondary first-rank divine weapon. Maybe he is even unable to get a secondary second-rank divine weapon. Tsk! Tsk! How embarrassing!"

"Such a waste! I'd rather exchange my secondary second-rank divine weapon for his jade pendant so that I can give it a try. Maybe I can snatch a good one."

Zen originally not understood what was going on with the balls of light, but now he finally comprehended. Matteo Xie was also a warrior at the ninth-grade of the Life and Death Realm, which made him comparable to Fenton in terms of cultivation level. However, it was not easy for him to seize a good weapon.

Matteo Xie's face turned red as he struggled harder and harder until he, at last, managed to get hold of a ball of light before plummeting down from the air.

He had only clutched a third-rank divine weapon, which was an ax. And its estimated value was to be around 20 to 30 life vitality jades. The question whether it was valuable aside, he had undeniably lost his face.

"I don't want this!" Matteo Xie protested stubbornly after he got up. Throwing the golden ax to the side, he steadied himself and was about to fly up to the dome once again.

However, the white-eyebrowed elder reached out his hand and gently pinched it. An invisible force suddenly pressed Matteo Xie down, who had just left the floor. He felt a sudden pang of pain as if he had been struck by a hammer as he fell to the floor.

"Only the first time is for free. If you want to try again, you need to pay 300 life vitality jades first," the white-eyebrowed elder stressed coldly. "If you want another chance, you must pay upfront!"

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