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   Chapter 1340 Weapon House

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Zen's acting was vivid, and he was even able to guess what that man was going to say. Needless to say, the warrior was stunned.

He said in a daze, "How did you know what I—"

"How did you know what I was going to say?" Zen continued, "It's simple—it's very easy to guess what an idiot is about to say!"


Even Yolande, the leader of the Mist Palace, couldn't help but laugh.

The man with an aquiline nose was resentful. His eyes were cold and sharp as he glared at Zen.

Meanwhile, the two talents from the Upper World were also glaring at Zen as they wanted to beat him up.

Zen learned this from the old man from the Celestial Position race. He always accurately predicted what others were going to say. It could be upsetting at times.

Zen knew how to observe people so he knew that the man with an aquiline nose didn't have a good relationship with Yolande. Since they weren't on the same side, Zen wouldn't mind offending him. He was always a straightforward man.

The man with an aquiline nose had enrolled two good disciples, wanting to show off in front of Yolande. It had gone smoothly at first. Warriors whose Lotus Flower had sprouted seven petals were rare in the universe. Naturally, he'd be proud but Zen ruined his good mood.

"Kid, warriors don't use their mouths to fight," the man said as he coldly stared at Zen.

"Don't bother teaching me anything. I have my own master. I don't need you to teach me," Zen replied. Most warriors would be very nervous when facing a warrior who was as powerful as a world lord. Some would even get aggressive but Zen was noticeably calm.

If he became too nervous, he'd make Yolande lose face. If he was too aggressive, he might get her in trouble. Zen had just told off the two disciples, not the man with an aquiline nose. The two disciples were of the same generation as he was, so it wouldn't cause him much trouble. Zen tried to be as neutral as possible when talking to the man with an aquiline nose.

"Master?" The man chuckled. "I wonder what cultivation level a mere warrior from the Lower World is at."

A strange look appeared on Yolande's face. 'Does Zen have a master?' As far as she knew, Zen was pretty independent on his path of cultivation which meant he didn't have a master.

Hearing this, Zen said with a straight face, "I don't know."

"You don't even know your master's cultivation level? That's ridiculous!" The man shook his head.

Then Zen added, "But he's someone that is widely respected and revered throughout the univer

alents of the tenth-grade sacred place. The Mist Palace, as one of the thirteen palaces, was a place where talents from different sacred places gathered.

Any one of them was good enough to become a core member of a tenth-grade sacred place. Even the Spiritual Force Sacred Place would have to try pretty hard to get Fenton into the thirteen palaces. They hoped that he could have better resources and opportunities there.

After traveling through the huge Mist Palace for a long time, Zen finally found the Weapon House.

At the entrance of the Weapon House, there were also two guards. These guards were much stronger than the ones on the stairs. They were warriors at the Spirit Supreme Realm.

At that time, the guards were being surrounded by warriors.

These warriors were all very young, roughly the same age as Zen. The older ones were only around 30 years old. They were all gathered together, pointing towards the Weapon House.

"Today, the Weapon House has some new secondary first-rank divine weapons."

"So what? Sounds like we can't get one of them."

"I want to try my luck!"

"Bah! It costs 300 life vitality jades to try once. If you can afford, then go on and try it!"

These warriors should also be talents that had been sent into the thirteen palaces by their respective supreme worlds. Needless to say, Zen was confused.

One had to pay 300 life vitality jades to choose a weapon from the Weapon House?

Zen had more than 100 life vitality jades in his hands. However, this was far from enough. He'd never heard of a place that required so many life vitality jades. So Zen, who had originally been planning to enter the House, stopped in his tracks.

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