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   Chapter 1339 The Smell

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It took them almost three days to cross the second supreme world.

However, the third supreme world had only taken them a day.

As time passed slowly, Yolande and Zen crossed different supreme worlds one after another. All the supreme worlds were occupied by humans and these were just one of their three great forces. It was easy to see how powerful humans were across the universe.

Zen had been busy with cultivation the whole time he was traveling swiftly.

A month later, Zen felt the exquisite carriage finally stopped. He slowly opened his eyes and looked out of the window, seeing an orange crescent moon in the sky.

"Here we are." Yolande pushed the carriage door open and walked out first.

Zen followed Yolande. He suddenly thought of something and asked, "Well, if Fenton wants to come here, how long will it take?"

Thinking for a moment, Yolande replied, "He has to do it by his own if the Saint Lord of his sacred place doesn't help him. It should take about two to three hundred years for him to get here by himself."

Zen was left speechless. That was a long time! Fenton was the pride of the Spiritual Force Sacred Place. Thus, the Saint Lord would surely not let him waste several hundred years of his time on such a trip. Moreover, crossing so many supreme worlds would require considerable expenses. Fenton would never be able to afford them.

"Let's go. Once you're strong enough, you'll realize that the universe isn't as big as you first thought." Yolande continued walking ahead after speaking.

Zen was left eyeing her from behind. Her colorful skirt was swaying beautifully and Zen couldn't help but slightly smile before he followed her.

As a matter of fact, this Yolande gave Zen a very strange feeling. Her two clones that Zen had met before were too different from her in personality. Although he knew the reason for that, he still felt different for this Yolande. However, if he was to base his idea from their gracefully slender figure, Zen was sure that they were exactly the same person.

They both saw a large city after some minutes of walking. To him, the Upper World cities were like giant behemoths. Each city was as vast as the Central Region. Thus, he didn't bother to check how big the city exactly was.

He could see a giant stone pillar standing proudly within the city. It was so magnanimous that Zen could clearly see it even if he was hundreds of miles away. It must be tens of thousands of feet tall with a towering palac

rful backing, right?"

"I see! He's from the Lower World!"

The two martial artists with extraordinary backgrounds interrupted hatefully.

"I can smell the disgusting smell even from a few feet away!"

As a matter of fact, they were very respectful towards Yolande. However, they could tell that the man with an aquiline nose didn't respect Yolande and even went further to humiliate her. Thus, they started blaming Zen.

Yolande's beautiful face showed anger, but she seemed to fear the man with an aquiline nose, so she held herself back. She honestly didn't have any clue on how to explain what she did.

At this moment, Zen chuckled and sniffed. He said, "Why don't I smell it?"

One of them said mockingly, "If one stays in the salted fish shop for long, he won't smell the smell of salted fish. How can you smell your own smell?"

"Oh." Zen sniffed again and said, "So that's how it is. You two probably won't be able to smell your own smell either!"

"What smell do we have?" one of the martial artists asked aggressively.

"Don't you know that you guys smell like idiots?" Zen said with a smile while covering his nose. "Although it isn't disgusting, it's bad enough. This is not a good place to stay for long."

Yolande giggled upon hearing Zen. Although she knew that Zen was someone who wouldn't lose out, she hadn't thought that his words would be so incisive.

"How dare you!" one of the three men said angrily.

"How dare you!" echoed Zen.

"Bastard! Who do you..."

"Bastard! Who do you think you are? Do you know who my father is?" Zen repeated again and even insultingly finished the second half of the man's words.

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