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   Chapter 1338 The Border Channel

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Yolande was somebody he could trust.

She thought that Zen had innumerable Roaring Tokens.

But Zen would not be able to explain to her how he got the Roaring Token because it concerned the fairy palace, his master, and many other things that he would rather not discuss with her.

So Zen chose not to explain and keep mum about the whole matter.

Yolande also knew that Zen wouldn't tell her the truth. Since he refused to explain it, she couldn't force him to reveal his secret. At least he didn't deny being in possession of these tokens.

Instead, she asked, "Do you know the identity of that mysterious woman who was singing that day?"

Zen shook his head absently.

Like him, the mysterious singer also seemed to have countless Roaring Tokens. It was very likely that her token could be used countless times, just like the one in Zen's hand.

But he didn't know who that stranger was.

"All right!" She nodded believing him but continued sizing him up.

The current Yolande was in her complete body. So from that perspective, this was the first time she had met Zen.

One of her clones had taken the decision to allow Zen to ascend freely, and the Celestial Position had come to the same conclusion. She was very pleased with the fact that the Celestial Position did not force Zen to join them. But coincidentally, he had still ascended to the alliance. It was obviously his fate.

There was no certain path for a man without destiny, but no matter what Zen's future path was, she didn't mind helping him.

Aiding him was worth her while, especially since his Roaring Token could be used countless times. The token was very useful for many races, and perhaps she would need Zen's help several times in the future. Since she didn't have many Roaring Tokens, he could help her spread the news.

As Yolande regarded Zen with these thoughts racing through her mind, he felt like she was seeing right through him. She made him feel naked and bare, like he no longer had any secrets from her.

He knew that even though Yolande's cultivation level was incredibly high, she didn't have the expertise. The only reason he was feeling uncomfortable was that the gap between his and her cultivation levels was too great.

This was exactly how he had felt when the Saint Lord of the Spiritual Force Sacred Place was sizing him up.

Zen's cultivation level was too low. In the Lower World, he was already a top-level warrior but in the Upper World, the Life and Death Realm was just the beginning for him.

Most importa

d day, they doubled their speed once again.

In the beginning, Zen had been able to observe his surroundings from the supreme world channel. He had seen some martial artists flying in the same direction as them.

However, on the fourth day, he was no longer able to clearly see the scenery outside his window. As the horses ran extremely fast, everything turned into blurry lines, making it impossible to tell if it was a person or something else.

There were countless checkpoints in the supreme world channel, which required a fee to pass through. For an ordinary martial artist, the cost of traversing through a supreme world was astronomical. However, no one dared to stop Yolande's carriage at any checkpoint.

Even if they wanted to, it was impossible for them to stop given the current speed.

On the sixth day, Yolande informed Zen that they had left the Spirit Reading World.

"We have left the Spirit Reading World?" Zen thought that with their speed, they would have long since entered another supreme world.

According to the current speed, if they wanted to cross over a thousand supreme worlds, they would probably need almost 20 years to reach their destination.

However, the speed of the Heavenly Phoenix Horses continued to increase.

After leaving the Spirit Reading World, they entered the border channel, which was wider than the supreme world channel. Building these channels and connecting thousands of supreme worlds to each other like pearls in a necklace was a vast and unimaginable project.

'The supreme world channels are constructed mostly by world lords, so it must be the Supreme Lords who build the border channels, ' Zen thought to himself.

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