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   Chapter 1337 Speculation

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The world lord, Saint Lord, and even the elders were all extremely intelligent people.

They could deduce everything based on a tiny hint and grasp a vast understanding of things that normal people would have trouble figuring out.

Zen was shouting loudly. And Yolande heard him shouting. This was not hard to figure out!

In the entire universe, only the Roaring Token was capable of such a feat. Nothing could even come close to it.

Then they remembered something—a while ago, there seemed to be a mysterious young man who spent over ten thousand Roaring Tokens at once. Could it be that Zen was the young man? What were the odds?

When they thought of this, they all stared at Zen in shock. Their eyes were wide as they processed what this all meant.

It was then that they realized how the other people around him were also staring at him as though they had been shocked by lightning. It was amazing how he didn't look fazed at all, despite the exchanged glances and low murmurs. This only confirmed their speculation as their throats dried up. They regarded Zen with appalled eyes, more aghast than ever.

Did this guy have Roaring Tokens in his hand? And there were so many of them!

The atmosphere in the large hall became strange and restless.

But after thinking about it some more, they began to deny their own guesses. One by one, they cast doubts upon themselves and their ability to perceive things.

This was simply impossible.

Where did a warrior from the Lower World get so many Roaring Tokens? They couldn't imagine what he had to go through just to get his hands on them. Could he have done something really drastic? Could he have exchanged something vital in order to possess the Roaring Tokens?

What Zen did not know was that, ever since he used the Roaring Token to clamor throughout the universe, the discussions and speculations about his identity spiraled out of control. For a long time, they kept wondering about who he really was, and even until now, they had not stopped.

They still couldn't figure out the identity of the mysterious woman before. Then here came a young, mysterious man, who they also couldn't unravel so easily. The only difference was that while the mysterious woman started beast attacks in the universe through singing, the mysterious young man didn't do much harm to the universe. He was at least gentler than the woman.

However, it was hard for them to prove their speculations. The universe was vast, and it would be impossible for them to find someone who had used the Roaring Tokens among the 100, 000 supreme worlds. As long as the man didn't show himself, they would have no way of finding out.

The problem was that Yolande had purposely said it, making the impression that Zen was the one who used the Roaring Tokens.

The reason why the world lord of the Spirit Reading World and the Saint Lord of the Spiritual Force Sacred Place thought it was impossible for Zen to be the young man was that they thought even a Supreme Lord would not be able to own so many Roaring Tokens. So how could a warrior from the Lower Wor

ee licenses, one was already occupied by Fenton, which meant that the remaining two would depend on how they divided it up.

Although the Spiritual Force Sacred Place already obtained a license, the Saint Lord thought that the licenses were granted because of Zen. It was fine for them to obtain an extra license, but the world lord did not think so. It could only be said that the Spiritual Force Sacred Place was lucky to have Zen, but the fact remained that it was too much for a sacred place to have two licenses.

After Yolande brought Zen and left, a dispute started between the two sacred places because of the remaining two licenses. It even involved another tenth-grade sacred place in the Spirit Reading World. The Saint Lord of the tenth grade sacred place thought that the three licenses should be given to the three sacred places, one for each.

There was a carriage floating above the Spiritual Force Sacred Place.

The purple carriage was made with incomparable ingenuity. Strings of strange flowers and plants grew around the body of the carriage.

The most astonishing thing was the two horses in front of the carriage. They were actually legendary beasts!

Normally, legendary beasts were very arrogant and proud. They could enter into a contract with warriors and become their contractual beasts, but they could not be enslaved or tamed by warriors.

This "Heavenly Phoenix Horse" was one of the few legendary beasts that could be tamed, but even taming it would take a lot of energy and time. So not only was the Heavenly Phoenix Horse an excellent mount, it was also a symbol of status.

The rest of the people respectfully saw Yolande off as she brought Zen into the carriage.

Judging from the outside, the spectators thought that this carriage was only the size of an ordinary carriage. However, after the doors were opened, a different world inside greeted them. It was as wide and wonderful as a palace.

"Tell me. Where did you get so many Roaring Tokens?" Yolande asked with a smile.

"Um..." Zen found it hard to explain.

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