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   Chapter 1336 You Were Shouting So Loudly

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Zen had always been curious about this so-called "big shot." Not having much information, he had been a little wary of him or her.

It seemed that the other party was spying on him from the shadows.

But just how did the person learn of his existence? And how did this person discover that he was in the Spiritual Force Sacred Place?

So when he heard the elder's announcement, Zen immediately stood up.

He followed the elder to the hall that he had been before.

In the hall, all the elders of the Spiritual Force Sacred Place were already in their seats. The person who occupied the host's seat was not the Saint Lord, but in fact a woman.

This woman wore a long skirt sporting nine colors. The dress was made from the feathers of nine legendary beasts, which explained the nine different colors. The light blue feathers were the tail feathers of an ice phoenix and actually emitted cold air. As for the dark red feathers, they belonged to the tail of a fire phoenix. The cyan feathers were the softest ones from the back of a Celestial Mouse.

This dress was priceless!

The problem was that so many precious materials were wasted in order to decorate the dress. Clearly, the maker of this colorful dress was an extravagant person.

A pair of white, small feet encased in a pair of wooden clogs rocked back and forth. Her gaze lightly swept over the elders in the hall. Whenever anyone met her gaze, their hearts would tremble slightly.

In truth, this woman's cultivation level wasn't very terrifying. She was almost a world lord.

And in this hall, the Saint Lord's cultivation level was equivalent to a world lord. Of course, there was only one lord of a supreme world, and the lord of the Spirit Reading World was the Saint Lord of the Spirit Reading Sacred Place, not the Saint Lord of the Spiritual Force Sacred Place. Elder Gong, too, was also almost a world lord, which meant that his cultivation level was on par with the woman's.

But it wasn't the woman's cultivation level or strength that intimidated everybody, but her identity.

She was one of leaders of the thirteen palaces. But more importantly, her father was a Supreme Lord, which meant she was a Supreme Lord descendant. Therefore, she enjoyed a high position in the alliance!

Suddenly, several warriors appeared in the hall. One of them was emitting an aura that was several times stronger than that of the Saint Lord of the Spiritual Force Sacred Place.

When he entered the main hall, he faced the lady and bowed lightly before her, saying, "Welcome to our Spirit Reading World. I'm the lord of the Spirit Reading World."

He was the true lord of the supreme world, and also the master of the strongest tenth-grade sacred plac

all elites. And while their actions and goals were quite bizarre, no one dared to look down on them.

The key was that it was better to join the Celestial Position race than to join the alliance. Of course, the conditions to join the Celestial Position race were harsher, and it was not easy for warriors in the Upper World to be recognized or respected by the Celestial Position race.

Zen smiled and continued, "And how did you know where to find me?"

Yolande actually smiled and rolled her eyes, giving him a playful look. She responded, "You were shouting so loudly that I would be deaf if I didn't hear you."

When Zen had been using his Roaring Token to look for Yan, Yolande had heard him and figured out his identity. She had collected the names of all the people who had ascended to the 3, 000 supreme worlds in the last year. Scanning the names on the list in her hand, she had found Zen's name in just five minutes. There were actually two warriors with the same name.

Many warriors ascended from the Lower World, and there were cases where people shared the same name. However, after Yolande investigated the appearance and other characteristics of the two warriors, she confirmed that he had ascended to the Spiritual Force Sacred Place.

However, at that time, she had been busy gathering her clones, so it was not a convenient time for her to go find him. Once she had collected all her clones, she had hurried over from the Mist Palace.

Zen immediately understood what was going on. She had identified his voice when he had been using the Roaring Token. She must have known that his Roaring Token was unique.

The faces of the world lord of the Spirit Reading World and the Saint Lord of the Spiritual Force Sacred Place turned serious. "He was shouting so loudly? What does that mean?"

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