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   Chapter 1335 Defeat Fenton

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The king exuded a bold and dignified aura. When he saw Zen charging towards him among a great number of men and horses, the graceful king rose.

He then roared loudly and all the entire lands and rivers suddenly came together to form a long sword in his hand, which he slammed down towards Zen.

This strike was hiding the sharpest killing intent within the sword light.

Instead of being terrified by this, there was a hint of a smile on Zen's face as he faced this sword strike.

Zen found the unending onslaught from the illusory army difficult to cope but now that all the lands and rivers were contained in the king's sword, he did not fear it at all.

"Power of dragon scales!"

Zen had activated the power of three thousand dragon scales. His sword moved from the bottom to the top as he slashed forward. Two rays of light intersected with each other.

However, to his surprise, his top-grade sacred weapon couldn't withstand the pressure and broke.


Only half of the long sword spiraled forward, flying towards Fenton.

Fenton had originally been staring attentively at Zen's attack. Never in his wildest dreams did he expect that half of a broken sword would come flying at him. He was unable to dodge in time, and the broken sword directly pierced his chest.

Even though he was severely injured, he didn't move an inch. He kept his eyes fixated on Zen. Even if he was dead, in the Illusion Space, it was not a major problem. He only wanted to know if Zen could withstand this move. If Zen succeeded, he would lose, but if Zen couldn't take it, he would win. Therefore, he didn't deal with the broken sword that was stabbed into his body.

Now that Zen's sword was broken, what was he going to use to take the king's sword?

The top-grade sacred weapon was no longer suitable for Zen. A normal sword was only two inches wide, with a sharp blade and an extremely thin body.

Zen's physical body could only withstand the power of five thousand to six thousand dragon scales. He had just used the power of three thousand dragon scales, so the sacred weapon naturally wouldn't be able to withstand the pressure. Add to that the heavy pressure from the king's sword, and it snapped just like that.

Zen was unable to obtain a better sword from the Lower World. If he had been able to access the weapon refining workshop in the fairy palace, then the situation would have been very different. However, he had just covered two stages of the True Path. He wouldn't be able to use it currently.

He didn't have a sword anymore, but he could still use his fists.

In that instant, Zen tossed away the other half of his sword and grabbed onto the king's sword with his bare hand.

He was using his bare hand to shoulder the

d been extremely unhappy lately.

He wanted to talk to Zen and find a way to turn this situation around. He wanted to see if he could pay the price to keep Zen at the Spiritual Force Sacred Place.

If Zen stayed, then the young talents in the Spiritual Force Sacred Place would have an advantage in the competition with the other two tenth grade sacred places in the Spirit Reading World. With Zen's power, they might even be able to turn their luck around and defeat the Spirit Reading Sacred Place.

The competition among the young martial artists would not decide the structure of a supreme world, but it sure would decide the clashes of the sacred places.

However, when he thought about the thirteen palaces, he gave up on that idea. The thirteen palaces had claimed Zen, so they must know him well.

When he first saw Zen's sacred sword break in the Illusion Space, he thought he could give him a second-rank, or even a secondary first-rank divine weapon as a gift to win him over, but on second thought, the thirteen palaces could offer him everything that he could offer too.

Such a powerful young fellow might slip away from him. This filled the Saint Lord's heart with deep regret.

In the Myriad Spiritual Force House, Zen was quietly meditating for his cultivation. He could already feel that the sixth small Heavenly Tribulation approaching. He wondered if there was any difference between going through the Heavenly Tribulation in the Upper World and in the Lower World.

Time quietly passed as he was waiting and cultivating. However, the big shot who wanted to meet him had yet to appear.

One month later, an elder from the Spiritual Force Sacred Place entered the Myriad Spiritual Force House. He informed Zen that the people from the thirteen palaces had arrived and were currently with the Saint Lord.

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