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   Chapter 1334 The King

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This technique of using the sword to draw the state consumed a great deal of blood essence!

And it was not easy for any martial artist to restore blood essence once it had been consumed.

However, Fenton did not want to lose against Zen.

Fenton didn't think himself to be an invincible one among his peers, who were on the same level as him.

Fenton was an undefeatable figure in the eyes of many warriors of the Spiritual Force Sacred Place. However, in the Spirit Reading World, he was only ranked in the third place.

There were many extraordinary talents in the top two sacred places of the Spirit Reading World, such as the son of the world lord of the Spirit Reading World…

Zen had only ascended to the Upper World.

Be it the resources or environment, those in the Lower World couldn't compare to those in the Upper World. Thus, the martial artists who had ascended from the Lower World were a great deal weaker than those who were born and raised in the Upper World from the start.

This idea was carved into the bones of the martial artists in the Upper World and even Fenton was no exception.

As his blood essence continued to spurt out, the golden colored state in the painting became tainted with a trace of the intense bloody aura!

In the painting, the state was not a peaceful land where songs and dances were performed, signifying good times, but it was a place where horses trampled on the land and heroes contended for hegemony!

Countless blood-stained soldiers were depicted in this sword painting. The bright red colors served as the finishing touches to this enormous State Painting!

By now Fenton had accumulated enough energy for this strike! He swung his sword all of a sudden.


When his sword struck, a beam of bright silver light flashed like a pair of sharp scissors, slicing the State Painting into two!

All the images on the painting started to twist and distort, converging into the beam of light and charging towards Zen at the same time!

"It's coming!"

Zen retreated quickly when he was faced with Fenton's full attack.

The power contained within this strike was extremely special. Although this State Painting had been created using the Metal Law and the Wind Law, and it was also infused with Fenton's blood essence, it created an extraordinary and special intent!

This kind of intent also put psychological pressure on Zen. Its power could not be underestimated.

However, Zen was no longer the same warrior as before. He had many methods of dealing with this strike. The simplest and crudest one was to use the Magnetic Sacred Mountain.

This Magnetic Sacred Mountain was so powerful that even the masters of the Spirit Supreme Realm couldn't do anything to deflect it. The sword couldn't move it even the slightest bit.

But Zen's inte

as not very sharp. Within this endless intent, the illusory soldiers rushed over like tidewater. There were too many of them. Zen kept killing them desperately but there seemed to be no end in sight.

Other than ordinary soldiers, there were also some generals wearing red armors! The illusory generals were even stronger, and it was even more difficult for Zen to fight them.

Right now, he was in a dilemma!

'Fenton's move cannot be endless… ' When Zen unleashed his sword intent once more, a look of contemplation appeared on his face.

Suddenly Zen's figure flashed upwards, and the beam of light from Fenton's sword followed closely behind him as if it was a maggot attached to his bone. Zen's figure only paused for a moment before it dropped on him once again. He had to face the endless attacks from the illusion of the soldiers and generals once more.

"I found it!" he exclaimed.

The beam of light had absorbed the State Painting, and the state in it was ruled by people, and the mountains and rivers also belonged to the people. They must be ruled by someone!

When Zen widened the distance between them, he discovered that there was a king dressed in yellow robes hiding deep within this beam of light.

The soldiers, generals and the king must have been formed by a kind of spiritual projection technique, which was much more profound and extensive than that of the Lower World…

"That's him!"

Zen did not retreat now. Instead, he charged straight at his target—the king!

If he could kill him, the beam of light emitting from the State Painting would naturally dissipate!

Seeing Zen's actions, Fenton's mouth curved slightly. "You finally found him. But do you think you can defeat him?"

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh…"

Zen shattered numerous illusions and in an instant, he had passed the thousands of soldiers and arrived in front of the king.

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