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   Chapter 1333 Sword Painting

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Zen was made familiar with the might of divine weapons back when he was still in the four divine kingdoms.

The Upper World, however, offered a more defined grading standard for divine weapons. Fiona's jade bracelet, for example, was a secondary third-rank divine weapon.

The divine weapons the emperors of the divine kingdoms wielded were at the third-rank. Meanwhile, Fenton's divine weapon was a secondary first-rank divine weapon - two levels higher than the divine weapons Zen had encountered.

That meant that the power of this State Sword was not to be trifled with!

The moment the weapon was activated, it felt as if the wielder had transformed into a mighty and aggressive monarch who ruled his state with an iron fist!

Zen felt the suppression try to overwhelm him, to force him to bow down to this figure of authority. However, he refused to yield.

His eyes glinted with scorn, "You want to suppress me?"


A strong, equally oppressing force was suddenly released from Zen's soul!

A warrior improved in three areas during their cultivation: their bodies, their life vitality, and their souls.

Zen's body refinement and life vitality cultivation were completely different from other people.

However, his soul training remained pretty standard in terms of technique.

During his final stay in the Central Region, the cyan dragon had planted a soul seed for him so that his soul might finally be able to enter the Jasper Fighting Soul Realm.

Although he had made a great effort to enter the Jasper Fighting Soul Realm, Zen did not really have much of an edge when it came to soul training and stayed in the Fighting Soul Realm for quite a long time.

The Saint Lord of the Spiritual Force Sacred Place was already privy to the strength of Zen's soul. However, even if reaching the Jasper Fighting Soul Realm as a fifth-level Life and Death Realm warrior was impressive in the Lower World, the standards were much higher in the Upper World.

Nonetheless, the soul seed planted by the cyan dragon helped Zen a lot and gave him extraordinary powers.

As Zen released his oppressing force, the soul seed was activated and increased his soul pressure threefold!

Not only that, but his soul was also fused with the will of the great world he lived in. The imposing aura of the great world was fused and inseparable with Zen's own soul pressure.

The State Sword Fenton wielded was a secondary first-rank divine weapon forged long ago by a tenth-grade divine kingdom emperor's lifeblood.


the list of those who had just ascended from the Lower World."

Elder Gong let out a loud laugh, "We couldn't have known that he would be so talented! Besides, if the thirteen palaces hadn't discovered him, then he would still be down in the mines, digging for life vitality jades!"

Elder Gong's words seemed to have stirred the Saint Lord's fury, "Check out the information of all the ascenders. Make an assessment of each person's strength and talent and report everything to me. I'm giving you a month!" the Saint Lord ordered coldly.

Elder Gong visibly paled, realizing the Saint Lord had unfortunately vented his anger on him. The data to be collected would be useful for the Spiritual Force Sacred Place, but not on such a large scale. There was no way they were ever going to find a second Zen anytime soon.

Unfortunately, there was no going against a Saint Lord's order. Elder Gong knew it was going to be a long, arduous time-waster on his part, but what could he do?

During this time, Fenton was finally preparing his last strike - the final attack that would determine the winner of this fight.

"Sword painting! May the sight of the entire state appear in front of me, and a wisp of wind shall create everything!"

he chanted as he started swinging the State Sword in the air.

A magnificent picture materialized from the State Sword's movements as if it was a giant brush instead of a sharp blade. This picture drew the entire sight of the state!

The gold signified the power of the Metal Law while the green was the Wind Law.

The process of painting cut Fenton's arms several times, letting the red blood essence swirl and add to the magnificent picture.

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