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   Chapter 1332 The State Sword

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In the Illusion Space, the combatants, Zen and Fenton, were maintaining a cautious distance from each other.

The large and small wind blades collided together at this moment with a shower of sparks.

In power and size, these two wind blades were completely opposite. Fenton's was infused with the strength and power of metal. It was exceptionally sharp, seemingly able to cut through anything in the world, slicing it to pieces.

Zen's wind blade seemed to be an ordinary one, with only a few fragments of sword light emanating from it in occasional flickers.

So, from the bystanders' perspective, it was like a lion pouncing on a helpless rabbit. It seemed obvious who was going to win the fight.

The instant the two wind blades collided, an ear-piercing sound rang out in the Illusion Space.

It was the sound of the wind blades colliding with each other.


At this moment, the power hidden within Zen's cyan wind blade suddenly exploded.

The cyan wind blade became like a ferocious beast. The moment it collided with the golden wind blade, it bared its hidden fangs and attacked.

In just a split-second, the golden wind blade was completely defeated, as it was utterly engulfed by Zen's cyan wind blade.

But after that the terrific cyan weapon's momentum didn't decrease at all, even continuing to roll back towards Fenton to pursue the attack.

In the Dragon Tiger Hall, witnessing this scene, the martial artists of the Myriad Spiritual Force House were silent for a moment before a tumultuous uproar broke out.

"Th-this is..." someone stammered, too stunned to finish his sentence.

"How is this possible? Fenton already has the fourth layer of Wind Law while Zen has only the third. How is it possible that Fenton has been defeated by Zen?"

"Moreover, the cultivation method that Fenton practices is something special. He has also completed the fourth layer of the Metal Law. Thus, he is much more powerful than before."

In the uproar, all of the martial artists' mouths were left wide agape. Some of the martial artists even vigorously rubbed their eyes, as if they couldn't believe what they had seen.

At this moment, the Saint Lord of the Spiritual Force Sacred Place suddenly stood up and stared blankly at what was happening in the Illusion Space. Disappointment and chagrin were evident on his ancient features.

The other elders of the sacred place were also left silent and dispirited.

"What's going on? How could this happen?" asked the Saint Lord, frowning as he stared at the Illusion Space.

"Zen indeed only has the third layer of Wind Law, but now it seems he is much more powerful than that."

The Saint Lord and the elders had already mastered the fifth or even the sixth layer of Law Power. They knew completely how powerful each layer of the Wind Law was. Even with the force of other cultivation methods, Zen shouldn't have been able to harness such immense strength.


ttack before he finally dissipated Zen's wind blade.

Though the two of them had exchanged blows, Fenton hadn't suffered any substantial damage, but his warrior spirit was deeply wounded. Every successful warrior had a certain arrogance which was usually well earned, but Fenton had just met his match and was brought low for a moment.

Fenton was far-sighted and broad-minded, but incredibly proud. He might treat others kindly, but that was only if they didn't hurt his pride, or if they didn't pose any threat to him. He was so proud that he didn't even bother to flaunt his pride.

But now, that pride in Fenton's heart was shattered by Zen's attack. His eyes were filled with confusion, and he couldn't stop asking himself why he had lost. That strike had completely shattered all of his long held beliefs that he had accumulated over the past years.

It didn't make sense!

However, in the blink of an eye, Fenton suddenly bit into his own arm. The bite was extremely forceful, and blood instantly flowed out of the teeth marks, the intense pain instantly clearing his mind. The contempt within his heart for Zen completely disappeared, and was replaced by a serious attitude. He knew now that he was facing a great enemy. Fenton was a professional and was not about to give up.

"You're really strong.

The thirteen palaces have shown good judgment. I was wrong.

Among the younger generation in the Spiritual Force Sacred Place, you are the only one that I have had to fight using my full strength,"

Fenton said. After he had finished speaking, he took out the jade sword which he had stored in the Sumeru Space.

The State Sword was a secondary first-rank divine weapon.

The moment he held the sword in his hand, a strange red light burst forth from the blade. When the red light reached Zen's eyes, he sensed a majestic aura. This aura seemed to emanate from the life force of billions of creatures, and Zen felt both strange and awed.

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