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   Chapter 1331 Different Types Of Law Power

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Fenton was probably the first talent Zen had fought since ascending to the Upper World.

Victory or defeat in this battle had no effect on Zen. Moreover, death in the Illusion Space was nothing too serious. However, it had a crucial guiding role in Zen's judgment.

Facing Fenton's third sword attack, Zen was naturally wary.

Huff, huff …

In the endless Illusion Space, countless violent gales appeared out of the blue and circled around Zen.

Soon after, the formless gales began to squeeze together, creating a strong spiral tornado in front of Zen, a layer of golden light covering it.

"The Metal Law..." Zen's eyebrows twitched. "Is this the perfect fusion of the two types of Law Power?"

Fenton's figure materialized once again next to the increasing number of gales that still fused together unceasingly. He no longer needed to hide his own figure.

Just now, Zen had easily deflected Fenton's second sword attack, which surprised the latter.

However, Zen's strength was reasonable and to be expected.

Fenton didn't treat Zen as any other ordinary warrior from the Lower World. Although he detested the foresight of the members of the thirteen palaces, he believed that they had an eye for outstanding warriors. Zen indeed had some remarkable skills.

However, his evaluation of Zen so far was only limited to these certain 'skills'. An opponent of this level did not need to face Fenton's full strength to be defeated. Thus, he believed that Zen would fail to block his third sword attack.

When the gust of wind and the golden light merged together, Fenton stabbed his jade sword in the tornado.

His jade sword was a secondary third-rank divine weapon, but being made of jade, it was extremely soft. As it pierced the winds, it instantly turned to dust.

However, as the jade sword broke into pieces, Fenton kept his hold on the sword hilt and smiled at Zen. "I think we should talk outside of the Illusion Space..."

Once Zen's physical body within the Illusion Space was destroyed, his reflection would disappear, which implied that he would certainly 'die' under the sword strike.


Without waiting for Zen's reply, Fenton lifted the sword hilt easily. The mass of wind suddenly changed shapes; turning into the blade of his jade sword from the rotating circle it had initially formed. Fenton extended two of his fingers toward the 'blade', swinging the sword with his other hand with all his strength.

Huff, huff …

A wind blade, flickering with golden light, charged straight at Zen.

"The golden wind blade!"

Zen was shocked to see it.

He had seen this kind of golden wind blade before. In the middle of the Chaotic Ocean of Stars were a large number of golden wind blades. These seemed to possess some intelligence.

They were far more powerful than the black wind blades and the two-colored wind bla

in this instance and that there was in fact someone in this universe who could use chaotic energy.

Indeed, he did not use any other cultivation methods, for the chaotic energy circulating in his body was a kind of cultivation method in itself that none of them had heard of before.

When warriors absorbed the vitality between heaven and earth, they could transform it into life vitality to be used by themselves, which meant that they could utilize what was created by nature. After following the rules of using the life vitality, they could make it release great power.

Chaos, on the other hand, was a purer substance. It was the very source of the world that was the cause of all formations, from a blade of grass or a tree to the mountains and rivers. The Law Power that erupted out of chaos was different from that of life vitality.

The trials and tribulations that Zen had endured in order to cultivate the Primal Chaos Technique were something that ordinary people could not imagine undergoing. However, the rewards that he would reap in the future were also beyond his imagination.

Fenton's sword attack was powerful and seemed to overturn the entire continent. If his cultivation method had been performed somewhere else in the Myriad Spiritual Force House instead of the Illusion Space, it would have destroyed the place.

In contrast, Zen's sword strike seemed less powerful. As he swung the sword, a green wind blade condensed in the middle of the sword light.

The wind blade formed by the third-layer Wind Law was far from enough to withstand Fenton's strike. Many disciples of the Dragon Tiger Hall watched the battle with a mocking expression on their faces. They believed that the wind blade would be swallowed up by Fenton's sword attack very soon, along with Zen's body being engulfed and torn to shreds. They couldn't wait to see Zen's dejection upon leaving the Illusion Space.

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