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   Chapter 1330 An Interesting Habit

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Fenton was holding a jade sword in his hand and floating around quietly. He looked calm and peaceful.

"I could have rejected the proposal of the Saint Lord," he suddenly remarked in a mysterious voice, playing with the jade sword casually. "Truth is, I am challenging you not only to fulfill the Saint Lord's wishes, but also to prove a point to the thirteen palaces of the alliance."

"And what might that point be?" Zen asked with a smile.

"I want to prove to them that their choice is wrong," Fenton answered.

Upon hearing that, Zen smiled faintly and told his opponent, "Then come! Prove it!" He raised his long sword in front of his chest. This was a top-grade sacred weapon.

"A sacred weapon?" Fenton was surprised when he saw that.

"Yes. So what?" Zen asked.

"Nothing. Actually, it is understandable. You've just ascended and therefore, I don't find it strange that you don't have a divine weapon," Fenton shrugged his shoulders. Unexpectedly, he then sheathed his dark red jade sword and took out a light green one instead. "I have two swords. The crimson one is a secondary first-rank divine weapon called the State Sword. I would have used that against you but it would spoil my reputation if I did. The green one in my hand is a secondary third-rank divine weapon. It is only one grade above yours. I know that it would still be a little unfair to you, but I don't have any sacred weapons. So I'm sorry." Fenton genuinely seemed like a warrior who followed fair play rules.

"A secondary third-rank divine weapon? And a secondary first-rank divine weapon?" Zen was confused when he heard that.

The warriors from the Myriad Spiritual Force House all laughed when they saw his face. Through a Picture Slab in the Dragon Tiger Hall, they could view the entire Illusion Space, and at the same time, the sound from this world was also transmitted to them. They could know everything that was going on here.

"I told you that anyone who comes from the Lower World is a bumpkin. Hah!"

"Maybe this guy has never even seen a divine weapon."

"That's a real possibility and it would be a hoot! In the Lower World, it's very difficult for a weapon refiner to refine a divine weapon."

They were all wrong. In fact, Zen had seen many divine weapons in his life than they would have expected.

However, he had never studied the grades of the divine weapons. He had always thought that the divine weapons, much like the sacred weapons, were also divided into three grades: top, middle and low.

But judging by Fenton's words, that was not the case.

The truth was, the lowest grade of the divine weapons was the secondary third-rank. It was one level stronger than a top-grade sacred weapon, which was called a semi-divine weapon

Time Law was to practice the Time Law yourself.

The same could be said for the Space Law.

If someone had mastered the Space Law, he could move tens of thousands of miles in a single step. Thus, he could escape from his rival in a fight very easily and appear behind him the next instant.

Hence, the Time Law and the Space Law were the basis of every law and also an essential requirement for all the warriors in the Upper World.

When Zen and Fenton fought and chatted at the same time, there was a lot of discussion about them among the warriors in the Dragon Tiger Hall.

"I didn't expect that this guy would be able to ward off two attacks from Fenton."

"Take it easy, Fenton hasn't tried his best yet. Don't you remember that he always defeats his opponent in three strikes?"

"But this guy hasn't used his full strength too. Look at his relaxed expressions! And he is still asking questions."

"Hum, I think he's just pretending. I think he is almost frightened to death in reality and just putting up a brave face."

"Be quiet! Fenton is going to launch his third attack," someone shouted.

Fenton had a basic habit that he would never defeat his enemy with a single attack. His first stab was only a symbolic greeting, while the second one brought suppression against his enemies. Only with the third stab would he release his real power and finally come out on top.

Over the years, in countless fights, Fenton had never broken this habit. Many warriors from the Myriad Spiritual Force House had also experienced the power of Fenton's third stab.

In fact, some of them took this as an "honor" to boast in front of others, "I successfully dodged Fenton's first two stabs."

In the Illusion Space, a fierce momentum was suddenly conveyed from the frenzied gale. Zen's face turned cautious in an instant.

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