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   Chapter 1329 The Projected Reflection

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Hearing Fenton's words, Zen clapped his hands out of the blue.

Not many people had such a state of mind—Fenton's attitude earned Zen's admiration.

It was the attitude of a true master.

Although Zen did not know what the alliance was all about, judging from the crowd's expressions, he figured it was a great place in the Upper World.

But for a warrior living in this world, believing in oneself was crucial.

Gold will shine no matter where it is. While it would be good if there was a shortcut to take, it would be putting the cart before the horse if one completely relied on everyone or everything else instead of oneself.

"That's right. I couldn't agree more," said Zen with a smile as he stood up.

Calmly, Fenton returned, "I don't need your approval."

"Indeed. But I accept your challenge!" Zen said nonetheless.

"Good. I appreciate your courage as well." Fenton nodded in response.

Never did he think he would ever lose. Even being at the Life and Death Realm, he had gone through nine small Heavenly Tribulations. While he hadn't opened up a Soul Sea, his strength far exceeded that of any ordinary warrior of the Soul Sea Realm.

If he lost to a warrior at the fifth level of the Life and Death Realm, he'd seem like a joke. Even if Zen was chosen by the Heavenly Alliance, perhaps he had used some special way to make it happen. But for Fenton, it was unimportant.

"He agreed! This brat actually accepted the challenge!"

"Haha! I can't say I like Fenton going ahead and challenging the brat, but I'm still looking forward to seeing this guy get crushed!"

"He looks calm and composed now…I can't wait to see him beg for mercy once he gets beaten by Fenton!"

All of the martial artists in the Myriad Spiritual Force House seemed to get riled up—they could all tell that another good show was about to unfold.

The ignorant brat from the Lower World had no clue what he was in for, but the talents of the Myriad Spiritual Force House were all well aware of Fenton's strength. So it wasn't only Fenton who was extremely confident in himself, it was all the warriors there—the blind faith they had in him was rather overwhelming.

"In that case… this way, please!" Fenton gestured with his hand as he spoke.

Only then did Zen leave the corner.

It was the first time since he entered the Myriad Spiritual Force House that he even stood from his spot.

Zen then followed after Fenton as they walked along the Myriad Spiritual Force House, the other warriors gathering to follow behind them.

"You're still in closed-door cultivation? Hurry up and come out! F

you, so it won't remember anything you wish to hide. It's the same as looking into a mirror."

A mirror could clearly reflect a person's image, but it did not store anything about that person before it.

Zen's misgivings were dispelled by that single metaphor. But in his moment of hesitation, he became an object of universal derision.

"This warrior from the Lower World is so cautious…he's probably too afraid of his secret getting exposed!"

"I wonder how much that secret is worth…"

"The poor tend to scurry for a place to hide… you should get used to it!"

Still, Zen's concerns were justified.

Not to mention the furnace in his mind, nor the Heavenly Fragment—if the Roaring Token were to be revealed, he'd be stuck in deep trouble.

Even Supreme Lords would go crazy over a Roaring Token with limitless uses—Zen had every reason to be extra careful.

Not minding the derision, Zen calmed himself down instead and activated the diamond-shaped jade symbols.

Swish! Swish!

The moment Zen activated them, he suddenly found himself sinking into another space.

But he wasn't actually entering another space. Remaining where he stood in the Dragon Tiger Hall, he created an identical main body through reflection.

'This Illusion Space is truly interesting…one can fight with all his might here. Even when you're killed off, only the projection dies. Avoiding any real damage, we won't have any scruples going all out!' Zen thought in delight.

A slight smile tugging at his lips, Zen examined his surroundings. Where he stood, it was incomparably spacious—there was no end in sight. Fenton's figure quietly appeared in the space, standing not too far away, just as his reflection entered the Illusion Space.

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