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   Chapter 1328 Thirteen Palaces Of The Heavenly Alliance

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If one took all the talents of Myriad Spiritual Force House and divided them into several tiers, Fenton would stand at the very top! All the rest, from the second place to the hundredth place, would belong to the second tier.

And to think Fenton hadn't even reached the Soul Sea Realm yet! That wasn't all, Fenton had also already gone through nine small Heavenly Tribulations!

Zen remembered the time when he swallowed the Tribulation Flower. According to the cyan dragon, this flower only appeared in the Lower World and was a rare treasure. Thus it was a benefit that only the martial artists in the Lower World could enjoy.

The Tribulation Flower forced a martial artist to undergo nine life and death tribulations.

It might sound horrible but these tribulations served to strengthen a warrior. Once someone entered the Life and Death Realm, the amount of small Heavenly Tribulation he went through would solidify his foundation and make him a more powerful Soul Sea Realm master.

For Fenton, to experience nine small Heavenly Tribulations without the aid of any special flower was already rare. However, the Spiritual Force Sacred Place hoped for more. They prayed that the young man would experience the legendary tenth small Heavenly Tribulation!

If a warrior experienced ten small Heavenly Tribulations in the Life and Death Realm and managed to withstand all of them then it was very likely for this person to become a Supreme Lord in the future!

A Supreme Lord nurtured by them would be a great glory for the Spiritual Force Sacred Place! They all pinned their hopes onto Fenton.

Their ranking in the Spirit Reading World was not an ideal situation. They were often subject to the suppression of the top two sacred places. However, this dynamic might change if Fenton became a Supreme Lord.

There was no denying that Fenton was a treasured disciple. When he came up to speak, Mervin immediately fell silent.

As Fenton was considered the strongest and the one with the most potential in the Myriad Spiritual Force House, his words were taken with the highest regard, even more than their supervisors' words.

If Fenton said that Mervin was not qualified, then he was not qualified! No questions asked!

Everyone was silent since nobody had any initiative to argue. However, a trace of confusion still appeared in their eyes.

Why did Fenton say that Mervin was not qualified?

This newly ascended warrior named Zen was only a Life and Death Realm martial artist. It was glaringly obvious that he was not Fenton's match.

A talent that had already gone through nine small Heavenly Tribulations was a legendary force to be reckoned with. He was waiting for the tenth one to come. That was why he hadn't reached the Soul Sea Realm. However, he could enter the Soul Sea Realm any time if he wanted.

There was no way Zen could ever hope to compare to Fenton.

To think of such a thing was laughable. How could a fifth

Force Sacred Place also automatically belonged to the alliance.

However, all the supreme worlds, including the Spirit Reading World, could only be considered as the outer supreme worlds of minor importance on the periphery of Heavenly Alliance.

When Fenton said he wanted to join the alliance, that meant that he actually wanted to join one of the thirteen palaces that formed its core.

Each of the thirteen palaces occupied a supreme world and was led by a world lord who enjoyed a higher standing than the regular world lords of other supreme worlds.

These thirteen palaces formed the core of the alliance, after all, and were greatly revered by all.

To join the thirteen palaces meant access to the best martial arts sacred place in the world, which also meant getting in was extremely hard since admission was extremely selective.

Only renowned talents with monstrous strength deserved a spot. They were either descendants of Supreme Lords and world lords, or had special physiques that were extremely rare and were thus valued highly.

How could someone like Zen be selected by the thirteen palaces? What exactly was going on?

The warriors present instantly felt envious of Zen. It also only took a moment for their jealousy to turn into rage. They didn't like him then and they surely hated him now.

What one did not have, they yearned for. And when they saw someone having this thing they wanted so much, it was in their selfish nature to start hating this privileged person.

How could a nobody from the Lower World be selected to join the prestigious thirteen palaces of the Heavenly Alliance?

Fenton, however, was a righteous warrior and he did not carry these thoughts in his heart. He was neither jealous of Zen nor did he hate him. "I understand why the Saint Lord did this. Gold shines no matter where it is. It's a good thing to enter the thirteen palaces but it is not the only path one can take to succeed," he said calmly.

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