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   Chapter 1327 Mervin Tie

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The warriors saw that Zen had no intention of entering the Myriad Spiritual Force House to cultivate, and immediately changed their opinion.

"Who does he think he is?"

"Such arrogance. Is he so great to think of himself above the Myriad Spiritual Force House?"

"How dare a warrior from the Lower World disdain cultivating in here! Bastard!"

The air shifted throughout the entire Myriad Spiritual Force House with the warriors spitting out indignant sneers about Zen. Soon enough, the rumors of an arrogant Lower World warrior even reached the Holy City.

It was unheard of that a mere warrior from the Lower World had dared look down on the sacred place that many of them could only yearn for.

Zen had become the target of everyone's ire. At first, they saw it as nothing more than a joke, but now they seriously took offense in his actions.

The sixth day arrived with a group of warriors appearing in the Myriad Spiritual Force House.

Zen had recognized them instantly. He had seen them before—they were the young warriors who clashed with him when he had just entered the Holy City.

Two of their strongest warriors had been beaten half to death after the fight. It had taken a few days for them to even barely recover.

Most of these warriors were direct descendants of the elders of the sacred place. Their talent was undoubtedly of a high-level, but so was their arrogance. News had reached them about the warrior who had appeared and looked down upon the Myriad Spiritual Force House. There was no way that they would tolerate such humiliation.

When the two warriors had regained their health, the group finally returned to the Myriad Spiritual Force House, where they belonged.

Their anger fuelled by the rumors, they came and discovered a man sitting in one corner with his eyes closed in meditation. However, when they recognized who he was, their eyes widened in disbelief.

"How could it be him?"

"Humph! We've been looking for this bastard everywhere. I never thought that he would enter the Myriad Spiritual Force House."

"What do we do now? Should we teach him a lesson?"

That day after their clash, the group had immediately investigated Zen's identity. The Holy City was such a broad territory, and finding even one person would prove to be a difficult task.

They never had thought that they would see him in the Myriad Spiritual Force House, of all places, and on top of that, he was the same bastard in the rumors.

"To think he's a nobody. A scum from the Lower World. Isn't this just hilarious?"

"It's best not to be careless. This bastard's strength is a bit strange. It would be better to find someone to deal with him."

"I'll go find someone! I think Mervin Tie would be pretty good. Ha-ha!"

These warriors were conceited in nature. Had ther

accept, then you can just say so. How can you reject it with such outrageous reason? I've never known Lower World warriors are such cowards."

The atmosphere grew heavy as the other talents of the Spiritual Force Sacred Place grew outraged at the scene. Zen was looking down on Mervin Tie, a warrior who was ranked among the top 100. This meant that he was looking down on them as well.

Mervin Tie finally made his move. He took a few deep breaths, seemingly to calm himself, and then said to Zen, "It doesn't matter whether you think I am qualified or not. You must accept my challenge. Otherwise, don't blame me for what happens here."

The Myriad Spiritual Force House was not a place where they could freely attack. However, at this moment, all of the warriors' anger prevailed. Even if Mervin Tie broke the rules, no one would stop him for doing so. All they wanted was to see Zen get beaten up.

Mervin Tie knew this as well, and he was prepared to take advantage of his favored position.

Zen remained calm despite all the animosity directed at him. "You are not qualified, and I mean it. If you attack me, it'll bring nothing but humiliation to yourself. Are you sure you are prepared for that?" he said seriously.

Mervin Tie's ears almost rang in his anger. His closed fists shook at Zen's words. He no longer had any desire to talk. He circulated his life vitality. If Zen wouldn't accept his challenge, then he would just have to force him into action.

At this moment, a white-clothed warrior appeared. "Mervin, what he says is true. Your strength is still inadequate to face him," he said indifferently.


"Fenton Sima actually came!"

"Is he here for Zen Luo too?"

Fenton was the number one talent in the Myriad Spiritual Force House. Even the second-ranked warrior was very far inferior to him in terms of strength and skills.

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