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   Chapter 1326 Fenton Sima

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Zen didn't plan to stay for long in the Spiritual Force Sacred Place, and he was not particularly interested in the Myriad Spiritual Force House.

But since the others had intended well, he naturally wouldn't refuse.

Once Zen had left, the Saint Lord of the Spiritual Force Sacred Place clapped his hands. Two old men walked over from the side of the hall.

"Saint Lord, what can I do for you?" one of them asked.

The Saint Lord said, "Inform Fenton and have him challenge this young man to test out his strength."

A strange expression appeared on the faces of the two old men, and one of them asked curiously, "Saint Lord, you want Fenton Sima to challenge Zen Luo?"

"I'm afraid Zen Luo is not qualified to fight Fenton," the other said disdainfully.

The Saint Lord, however, nodded and said, "Fenton has already passed through the nine small Heavenly Tribulations. But it's hard to say if he will go through the tenth one. Zen, however, has only passed through five small Heavenly Tribulations. He is inferior to Fenton when it comes to cultivation level. But there must have been a reason that the alliance has chosen Zen. If Fenton can defeat him, I can send him into the alliance."

The two old men looked on in disbelief at the Saint Lord's words. "Saint Lord, are you saying that the alliance has chosen this guy?"

The Saint Lord nodded, perplexed. "Zen is special, sure, but the alliance's attention on him just because of that is unusual. I don't understand this either. But the alliance will send people to pick him up, and before that happens, I want Fenton to challenge him so that I can introduce him to the alliance. If Fenton joins the alliance, there will be great benefits for him."

The two old men nodded appreciatively. "You are so wise, Saint Lord!" they said in unison.

Fenton Sima was the most outstanding talent of the younger generation in the Spiritual Force Sacred Place. He was the hope that sustained the whole sacred place.

He hadn't reached the Soul Sea Realm yet, but had already passed the ninth small Heavenly Tribulation.

Most Life and Death Realm warriors in the universe would make a breakthrough and reach the Soul Sea Realm during the fifth or sixth small Heavenly Tribulation. Some outstanding warriors even had to experience seven small Heavenly Tribulations, while other talented warriors went through eight ones. The number of warriors going through nine small Heavenly Tribulations was quite small.

The more small Heavenly Tribulations one overcame, the greater their potential would be in the future.

Fenton Sima had already passed through nine small Heavenly Tribulations, but he still hadn't reached the Soul Sea Realm. It was quite possible that he would attract the legendary tenth small Heavenly Tribulation.

cross-legged. He then closed his eyes and began to meditate.

Master He and Master Shen, who had led Zen into the Myriad Spiritual Force House, were flabbergasted at his behavior. Both had boasted about the various benefits of the Myriad Spiritual Force House. But it looked like he was not interested in any of this. What a weirdo!

"Zen, the cultivation places of the Myriad Spiritual Force House are extremely useful for Life and Death realm warriors," Master He couldn't help but remind him.

But Zen merely smiled and said, "Master He, I appreciate your intentions. However, I have my own plans for the path of cultivation."

The two masters knew they could not persuade Zen. Now that they had brought him to the Myriad Spiritual Force House, their mission was complete. They had nothing to do with everything else that was going on. So they bade their farewells and left.

Zen sat in the corner and cultivated by himself, while the others glared at him, as if he was an eyesore.

"This guy is probably just pretending! Do you think he is willing to leave empty-handed after entering a mountain of treasures? I don't believe it. He'll be anxiously requesting for the right to use the cultivation places in less than a day!"

"That's right. Our Saint Lord is willing to make an exception for such a mere warrior from the Lower World. This is a huge favor, but he dares to put on airs!"

"I really want to teach this guy a lesson!"

What Zen didn't know was that he had infuriated a lot of people by just sitting there.

No one bothered with his training. There weren't many warriors in the Myriad Spiritual Force House. Most of them only glanced at him before leaving in a hurry.

Three days passed.

Those who had thought that Zen was putting on airs understood that he didn't really need to train in the Myriad Spiritual Force House.

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