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   Chapter 1325 Myriad Spiritual Force House

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The Spiritual Force Sacred Place was a tenth grade sacred place and one of the three hegemons of a supreme world.

And the core of the sacred place was within this Holy City.

An elder was someone who enjoyed the elevated status of being a grand official. How could they dare provoke the elders?

Zen had experienced things like this before, so he had gotten used to it. But he still smiled and said, "Thank you for your concern but I will be fine."

"I hope so," Master Shen said, nodding.

The three of them continued on their way.

A few hours later, a large building, roughly the size of Oracle City, loomed before Zen.

Zen was even more stunned to see that this building was neither built on the ground nor did it float in the air like the Cloud Hall. Instead, it emerged from the back of a giant tortoise!

"This gigantic tortoise..." The giant tortoise beneath the building was obviously alive, but was prostrated on the ground, motionless. The aura that it was emitting, however, evoked a feeling within Zen that could only be termed 'ethereal'.

"This isn't a tortoise. It's actually a huge snake but with a shell," Master Shen said.

"A huge snake with a shell? And it allows humans to build the building on its back?" Zen asked as he watched on, his eyes wide open.

Master Shen chuckled and replied, "Of course, it is the contractual beast of the leader of our sacred place, and it also guards the entire Holy City to ensure its safety!"

"It doesn't move under the weight of such a big building?" Zen asked again. He was very, very curious.

"It hasn't moved for three thousand years. I remember that three thousand years ago, it was in a different spot over there, and then later it has moved its position once…" Master Shen said.

There were so many interesting things in the Upper World, and it became difficult to count after a while. Just one Spiritual Force Sacred Place had made Zen feel the novelty radiating off of it. So one could only imagine how many miracles existed in the other supreme worlds.

Zen observed it for a few more minutes before following Master Shen and Master He towards the giant building.

As they approached the strange snake, a group of armored warriors emerged from the building.

These warriors were dressed in brown armor of dragon scales and all of them were at the Spirit Supreme Realm. They blocked the path of Zen and the two masters.

"Who are you? Why have you come to the Spiritual Force Hall?" the warrior in the lead asked coldly.

Master Shen merely smiled and showed him the token he was holding.

The warrior looked around, surprised, before saying, "Master Shen! May I know what the purpose of your visit is?"

"We are here at th

if you need anything, you can come find me," the middle-aged man said as he looked at Zen, his face a mask.

Master Shen and Master He led Zen away.

Although Zen hadn't conversed much with this middle-aged man, it had made Master Shen and Master He even more apprehensive.

Their Saint Lord was at the level of a world lord and was one of the top masters in the entire Spirit Reading World. Even though he hadn't gotten the title of a world lord, his strength wasn't inferior to one.

But today, the Saint Lord had been so amiable, asking Master Shen to get Zen a token and even telling Zen to come to him directly if he needed any help.

Just who was backing Zen?!

Master Shen and Master He had guessed that Zen might be related to an elder, but now, it looked like the 'important figure' behind him was even more powerful than the Saint Lord. The Saint Lord wouldn't have treated Zen so well otherwise.

Everyone knew that the Myriad Spiritual Force House was the core of the Spiritual Force Sacred Place.

Only the most outstanding disciples of the Spiritual Force Sacred Place were qualified to practice in the Myriad Spiritual Force House.

Master Shen and Master He were both from the Myriad Spiritual Force House. Even if they weren't the most outstanding warriors, they were still qualified to be leaders of some halls.

This kind of place would only allow the most talented core disciples to enter. But Zen could not be considered a member of the Spiritual Force Sacred Place. Normally, an outsider wouldn't be allowed to enter the Myriad Spiritual Force House. However, the Saint Lord himself had invited him to practice there, nobody would have any issues with this.

Zen, who was at the Life and Death Realm, was becoming more and more mysterious in the eyes of the two hall leaders.

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