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   Chapter 1324 Teaching Them A Lesson

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Countless warriors were moving through the crisscrossing spiderweb-like lines in the sky.

These warriors were certainly not as timid as the ordinary mortals below. The dispute between Zen and the others aroused their interest. Thus, they all stopped to watch from the sidelines.

Upon hearing Zen call the Soul Sea Realm warriors as scum and dare them to challenge him together, all the onlookers were thrilled as they anticipated to see a good show. They were all wondering why the guy at the Life and Death Realm was so arrogant.

However, they knew that arrogance should come from power. He was undoubtedly courting his death if he didn't have the strength to save himself.

"Well, is it your strong body that you are bragging about, thus, you're this arrogant? Are you even sure that you want us to fight you together? You are thinking too highly of yourself! I can teach you a good lesson by myself, you brat!" A long-haired youth walked out from that group of warriors.

Zen smiled slightly as he raised the long sword in his hand. He was ready to accept the challenge.

However, the two hall leaders wouldn't let this ruckus happen since it was their duty to escort Zen to the Holy City. Therefore, it was also their task to stop this fight even if Zen was more than fit to fight.

Master He moved a step forward and said to the young warriors, "I'm sorry but we still have urgent matters to attend to. We can't accept your challenge now and I hope that you guys know when enough is enough."

However, the long-haired youth paid no heed to Master He's words and even scolded him. "Enough is enough? Who do you think you are? How dare you stop us?"

Immediately, Master He's face darkened in anger.

There were many experts in the Spiritual Force Sacred Place. Besides several heads of the sacred place, about a hundred elders, and other important members, the leaders of the thirty-six halls like him were still honored higher than anyone else.

In other words, Master He and Master Shen were ranked among the top 200 in this tenth-grade sacred place.

Moreover, Master He's cultivation base was only a little below to those world lords. Thus, he was extremely annoyed at being scolded by a merely 20-year-old junior.

Master He sneered coldly, "Young man, regardless of who your parents are, you must be careful not to make troubles outside!" Pondering about the arrogance that this group of warriors was displaying, Master He guessed that they must have a strong background. Therefore, he tried to restrain his anger. He would have crushed them into ashes with just a wave of his hand if they were other ordinary warriors.

"So what if I make some troubles here?" the long-haired youth snorted. He could obviously sense the powerful strength of the two hall leaders but he just didn't pay it any attention.

"If you do

ly high level, the Grand Teleportation technique could cross an unimaginable distance, allowing the user to teleport between different supreme worlds.

After they three disappeared, the effect of the Time Law slowly vanished and those young warriors regained their moving abilities. There was a grim expression on each of their faces as none of them could accept their great loss!

"As long as you are still in the Holy City, you will never be able to escape from me!" The long-haired youth grinned fiendishly as he stuffed a pill into his mouth. It was an expensive eighth-grade pill.

Regular warriors wouldn't want to use such an expensive pill unless they were already at the verge of death. Although Zen's slap made him look utterly embarrassing, it was still far less than necessary for him to take that pill. However, the finger marks on his face were a great shame to him. Thus, he wanted them to disappear as soon as possible and consumed the precious pill.

The effect of the medicinal pill was astonishing. The finger prints left by Zen's palm began to visibly fade away not even a minute after he swallowed it.

However, even though the palm print on his face had disappeared, his heart was far from being at peace!


After using the Grand Teleportation technique, Zen and the two hall leaders reappeared in another corner of the Holy City.

Master He sighed and said, "Forget it. Let's continue on our way now."

When Zen saw the worry on Master He's face, he said, "Master He, why do you fear those brats? They should've been taught a good lesson!"

Master He didn't say anything to answer him. Instead, Master Shen interrupted, "Zen, you don't know this. Although we thirty-six halls are impressive in others' eyes, we're nothing compared with the Holy City. Those young warriors have a strong background and I'm afraid that they might not let you go easily."

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