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   Chapter 1323 Make Your Choice Now

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A lot of people were angered by the young group of martial artists that brazenly flew in the reverse direction of the line and broke the rules of flight above Holy City. However, they could do nothing to stop them.

Zen, still unfamiliar with the city and not wanting to stir up trouble, merely moved to the side to avoid them.

However, it seemed fate just had a way of stirring up trouble for him.

Although he had gone out of his way to avoid them, two young martial artists rushed straight at him. There was a trace of a crazed expression on their faces.

These two were obviously out for a fight. Unfortunately for them, Zen wasn't someone who was afraid to retaliate against bullies. He had never hesitated to kill those who offended him in the mine.

Seeing that these two weren't going to let him go easily, Zen quickly gathered the energy in his body.

The two hall leaders paled considerably in fright when they saw this scene. They had been tasked to deliver the young man safely to Holy City, so how could they ever explain themselves if anything happened to him?

However, there was no time for them to intervene. The two young martial artists were already hurtling towards Zen at high speed. The only thing they could do was to shout and get Zen to move away since just one hit from these Soul Sea Realm warriors would be enough to terribly injure him.

"Dodge! Hurry up!"

To their dismay, Zen simply stood in the air and stared at the two men that charged at him.

The two let out high pitched, mischievous laughter just as they reached Zen. Strangely enough, Zen's face also broke out into a smile.

The two young men relished in their mischief before noticing the strange smile on Zen's face. This halted their laughter since they were confused as to how a Life and Death Realm warrior still had it in him to smile moments before crashing into two Soul Sea Realm warriors.

The three inevitably collided with each other.

A muffled sound reverberated into the air as soon as they all crashed into each other.


"Oh my gosh!"

The two masters had closed their eyes, not willing to face the possibility of their supposed ward being severely injured this early on. They didn't expect Zen to be so unlucky.

These group of troublemakers were from wealthy families in Holy City. Owing to their high status, they were mostly conditioned to look down upon others and mostly got away with their mischief because of their power. It was unfortunate that they targeted

ypical route of defending himself. Maybe he would even let the two hall leaders beside him reason for him. They didn't expect him to be so scathing with his words!

Zen was someone who had already experienced many things in his life and he understood that there would always be people who were unreasonable. These young martial artists were troublemakers who never learned so he thought it best to teach them a lesson.

Very few people had ever dared to stand up to these rich, entitled young warriors because of their physical and social power. They also had a group of seniors in the Spiritual Force Sacred Place to back them up. There was no way these warriors could be touched.

But Zen was different. He went out of his way to scold and embarrass them in front of everyone.

His scolding enraged these warriors. Reputation was paramount for them, way above their lives in terms of importance. Zen had just called them scum and it wasn't something they were willing to accept. One warrior came forward. "Do you know who we are?"


There was a flash of blue light as Zen activated his space ring. Suddenly, a sharp long sword was pointed at the speaker's throat. "I don't need to know who you are, nor do I care who your elders are. You are mere good-for-nothings who use your backgrounds to do what you want. Do you want to fight me together or one by one? Make your choice now!"

Zen truly had no regard for these young warriors.

His words shocked the two masters even further. They had never seen such an arrogant person, especially considering that Zen was a mere Life and Death Realm warrior against a whole group of Soul Sea Realm masters.

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