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   Chapter 1322 The Vast Holy City

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Zen was also curious as to why he was chosen when there were so many warriors.

He didn't know that he wasn't the only one with this doubt. The armored men, other warriors, and the two hall leaders were also quite curious.

It wouldn't be a big deal even if Zen was talented and able enough to adapt to the Vitality Pressure in a short period of time.

The supreme world was vast and there were many, many talented people in the Spiritual Force Sacred Place. How could he, of all people, go to Holy City just with his talent? They wouldn't believe it, no matter what.

Since Zen no longer resisted them, the two hall leaders finally set their minds at ease. They didn't know that it was a matter of great importance to take Zen to Holy City. They only knew that someone who asked them to do that couldn't be taken lightly. So they acquiesced, not daring to offend Zen.

One usually had to find the armored men and go through some transfer formalities when leaving the mine. But the present situation, being an anomaly, excused the need for all formalities.

The armored man in the lead even stepped forward at the right time and said seriously, "Zen has left the mine on an exceptional basis. He shouldn't have paid the life vitality jades in the first place, so I will return them to him."

What kind of logic was this? The speaker was quite quick-witted. He wanted to curry favor with Zen in front of the two hall leaders.

The 100 life vitality jades was not a small amount for Zen at his current stage, which was why he gladly accepted them.

The life vitality jade was nothing to the two hall leaders. They knew that the armored man was trying to curry favor with Zen. With a faint smile, they took Zen away.

Once Zen left, the mine immediately went through a major reorganization. The warrior called Riyad was the first to bear the brunt of this crisis. He seemed to have fallen to great misfortune; all of the life vitality jades that he had accumulated over the years had been taken away and he had had to pay another 100 life vitality jades in order to leave the mine.

The other warriors were green with envy when they learned that Zen had been taken away just like that. But they couldn't do anything about it.

Along the way, Master He had been conversing with Zen in an extremely cordial tone.

The two hall leaders were curious about Zen and wanted to know who had ordered them to take Zen to Holy City. They wanted to find out who the big shot behind Zen was.

But Zen himself was at a loss. How could he answer the two hall leaders? He didn't know any big shot in this vast Spiritual Force Sacred Place.

Zen foll

thin lines were the same as roads in a city.

The two hall leaders brought Zen to one of the lines and continued onward.

Just like what Master He had said, all warriors on their line were flying in the same direction. Their speeds were different but they flew in an orderly manner.

If it weren't for these thin lines, the sky above Holy City would have been packed to the brim, and the warriors would have been unable to fly even if they wanted to.

Zen had just been on the thin line for a short while when a rowdy group of warriors charged forward.

They didn't have the slightest intention of abiding by the rules. They were all shouting and chasing each other at a speed that was way higher than it should have been.

They seemed to be in their early twenties but their cultivation bases were not low. Most of them had reached the Soul Sea Realm. Only a few were at the Life and Death Realm.

As they spotted the rowdy group, the warriors who were flying in the same direction as Zen ducked out of line.

Young as they were, they hailed from aristocratic families and were powerful enough that no one dared to offend them.

The two hall leaders frowned as they saw this.

They enjoyed a high status as hall leaders. But they didn't want to stir up trouble in Holy City. After all, this place had a countless number of people with many different abilities. The leaders of the thirty-six halls were powerful figures in the Spiritual Force Sacred Place, but there were also many elders and other high-ranking people above them. So they had to avoid trouble whenever possible.

Noticing that the two hall leaders had retreated, Zen also stepped aside. He hadn't thought that two of the youths would change direction and actually rush towards him.

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