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   Chapter 1321 Holy City

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The armored men volunteered to enter the mine to find Zen but were rejected outright by Master Shen and Master He.

Why were the two masters so patient?

This refusal raised a storm of conjecture among the armored men. They mused over what kind of background Zen had, and some probable reasons as to why these two masters were adamant in waiting for him.

They enduringly waited from noon until dusk before Zen finally returned from the mine.

Freya, on the other hand, chose to leave the mine. After obtaining 100 pieces of life vitality jade, she went directly to her uncle. They only left a communication token for each other.

In the supreme world, however, it was considered a joke to leave a communication token.

This token was merely a method of communication in the Lower World. Its range could only reach as far as sixty to seventy thousand miles. The territory occupied by the Spiritual Force Sacred Place was over ten thousand times larger than this range. So in far too many instances, the communication token was all for naught. Save in the case when Zen was within sixty to seventy thousand miles away from Freya.

Since Zen had relieved himself from his mental predicament, he had positively set his goals. He had just entered the Upper World and was still unfamiliar with the place. Accordingly, he had to explore by himself.

In this stage of exploration, his priority was to awaken Lavender. She had been asleep for too long, and currently, there were no signs of her waking up. Zen had intended to accumulate two hundred life vitality jades and then go to find a treasure that would repair her soul.

Luck was on his side today as he encountered the Nine-head Snake again. Aside from taking away seven pieces of life vitality jade from the snake, Zen had also uncovered a secret. He figured out that if he wanted to find life vitality jade, he would have to follow those vicious beasts that were fond of spending their days in the mine and absorbing the vitality of heaven and earth from the life vitality jade.

If it weren't for the fact that these beasts were too powerful, Zen seriously wanted to leave imprints on their bodies, and then he wouldn't have to search for them for a long time every time.

However, just as Zen returned to the gathering place, he sensed that there was something wrong.

As his gaze swiftly swept across the place, his brows were scrunched together.

"These two men are quite powerful."

Up till now, Zen had seen many unimaginably strong people.

Take the master that he had acknowledged in the fairy palace as an example. It was only a shadow left behind by his master, so estimating his true strength using that shadow was not easy. He only knew that his master was a figure that surpassed the universe.

Next was the young man who had taken his sister away in the Ethereal Spirit Sect. That fellow's strength was also hard to imagine. With Zen's current

The armored men surnamed Chen and Huang instantaneously felt a lingering fear in their hearts as soon as the realization hit them.

Fortunately, the two of them had warned Riyad in time to not cause any trouble for Zen. If they hadn't stopped Riyad at that time, the two of them probably wouldn't have been able to survive if something bad had happened to Zen.

Trembling with fear, the two of them made up their minds that they couldn't let Riyad mess around. Although they had obtained quite a few benefits from him, they would be the ones to suffer if he provoked some extraordinary warriors who had ascended there.

Under the envious gaze of the armored men, Zen asked doubtfully, "Holy City? What place is it?"

The armored men were surprised at his question. However, after some thought, they realized that Zen was from the Lower World, so it was normal that he had no idea of Holy City.

Master He said, "It is the core of our Spiritual Force Sacred Place. If the Spiritual Force Sacred Place is considered a great sacred place, then Holy City is its sacred place."

This metaphor was very appropriate, and Zen understood immediately. He asked, "What if I refuse?"

Hearing that Zen wanted to refuse, the armored men were heartbroken. As long as they could join Holy City, they would give up everything except their own lives.

The two hall leaders did not reveal any expression of surprise. After all, they were people who had seen a lot of things. They were clear that there were a lot of grade 10 sacred places in the world, and some peerless talents might not want to join the Spiritual Force Sacred Place.

Master He countered, "With your current strength, you don't have the qualifications to refuse. For your understanding, we are asked to take you to Holy City."

Since he had already said so, Zen had nothing else to say. They were all intelligent people, and with his current strength, there was no room for resistance.

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