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   Chapter 1320 Two Masters' Visit

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Riyad's face darkened upon hearing Chen's words.

Back in the Lower World, Riyad was incredibly famed and feared for his power. The reverence given to him by others made him proud and unyielding.

He was a hardened warrior who did not tolerate insults. Anyone who dared to offend him suffered instant death.

Zen's humiliation wasn't something he was ever willing to let go and he had already thought of so many ways to retaliate against the young man. But here was Chen warning him not to go after Zen. Riyad was immediately enraged.

"Why?!" he exclaimed, not understanding the logic of Chen's words.

Huang shrugged. "No reason. It's just a warning. If you listen to me, then that's good. If not, then that's on you."

They were about to leave when Chen hesitated and leaned into Riyad's ear, "It had taken that kid only a few seconds to adapt to the Vitality Pressure on the day of his ascension."

With this information, the two armored warriors left without looking back.

Their departure left Riyad conflicted. He could easily ignore the advice of other people but those two warriors had a close relationship with him. They might have been blunt but he knew they only told him those things for his own good.

He briefly wondered if what Chen said was true. Did Zen really only take seconds to adapt to the Vitality Pressure after he left the Ascending Well? A deep frown was entrenched onto Riyad's face.

He remembered how he had taken a full five days to adapt to the Vitality Pressure after ascending to the Upper World. These five days were already considered fast since Riyad had shown great adaptive capacity upon his ascension. But a few seconds? This feat was highly likely a reason for the Spiritual Force Sacred Place to notice Zen.

Many of the warriors born and raised in the Upper World had a slight prejudice against those who merely ascended from the Lower World. However, this prejudice was nonexistent to the Spiritual Force Sacred Place which was always hungry for more talents. Breeding and birth origin did not matter to this tenth-grade sacred place.

Zen's quick adaptation to the Vitality Pressure was immediately reported by the armored warriors shortly after the young man left the Ascending Well.

There was a gap in strength between Lower World and Upper World warriors but every now and then, an extraordinary ascended individual would emerge.

From the exact moment Zen started mining, the Spiritual Force Sacred Place had already dispatched a couple of eyes to observe this young man closely.

It was fortunate that Zen had set-up a divine texture yesterday before using the Roaring Token. The divine texture served as a temporary screen from these prying eyes, hiding him away from the world.

Meanwhile, the object of Riyad's rage and intrigue currently sat in the open field, meditating with his eyes closed. Zen felt a strong sense of urgency every time his warrior spirit rose. His mind was always occupied with the list of things he had to do: helping Lavender regain her s

arrior immediately nodded his head. "Yes! He is indeed in our mineral vein!"

"Where is he?" Master Shen asked.

The armored warrior fumbled and made an effort to crane his neck around. He couldn't really keep an eye on Zen all day long so he currently did not know where the young man was at the time being.

"Master Shen, Zen entered the mineral vein today," another warrior helpfully supplied.

Master Shen nodded his head in understanding. "Then we shall wait for him here."

Two mighty leaders of the Spiritual Force Sacred Place were willing to wait for a young, newly ascended warrior! It was shocking and mildly disturbing. Just what kind of background did Zen have to warrant such special treatment?

They remembered how the higher-ups issued an order for them to keep an eye out for Zen due to his fast adaptation to the Vitality Pressure just after he came out of the Ascending Well. They kind of knew he was someone whom the Spiritual Force Sacred Place prospected for but could such small achievement actually warrant such a special kind of treatment from the two masters? The armored warriors would be lying if they said they weren't envious of Zen right now. True, they were superior to these ascended warriors but there was no doubt that the achievements of the ones they enslaved were often set to be much greater than any of them could ever hope to imagine.

Roughly guessing the intention of the two masters' visit, the armored warrior in the lead quickly spoke, "Master Shen and Master He, since you two have come for Zen, I think there is something you must know.

"What is it?" Master Shen asked.

"Zen already handed over one hundred life vitality jades. He could have left the mineral vein but he still chose to continue mining. He wants to gather two hundred life vitality jades to obtain his freedom and become an independent warrior!" he said.

Master Shen was silent but Master He let out a sinister laugh. "An independent warrior? Ha! I'm afraid that's not up to him to decide."

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