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   Chapter 1319 Upgrade

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If Riyad knew that Zen was going to act like a fool, he never would have come here tonight to meet him.

His purpose for looking for Zen was very simple. He wanted to put the slave seal on Zen, making him be a slave under him. If Zen was unwilling to be enslaved, Riyad would choose to kill him. For those who were useful, Riyad would never kill them carelessly. This was one of the reasons why he could become so powerful in the mine.

However, to everyone's surprise, Zen was choosing to ignore this dangerous situation, and was even talking to Riyad like an idiot.

If Riyad didn't have any scruple about the public right now and made up his mind to kill Zen, Zen was sure to be dead by now, in everyone else's eyes at least.

"I warn you one last time. Get out of the way," Riyad snarled as he stared at Zen with a cold gaze. It was indeed an extremely shameful thing for him to be fooled by a Life and Death Realm warrior in front of so many people.

Zen didn't show the slightest signs of fear as he stared back at the man and asked, "Tell me. What is the purpose of becoming powerful?"

A trace of killing intent flashed across Riyad's eyes and he stretched out his hand to grab onto Zen's shoulder. Since Zen did not back away in the face of the attack, Riyad decided to punish him; to hell with the rules and the witnesses.

His hawk-like hand directly grabbed Zen's shoulder. The life vitality within his body began to circulate. He seemed to have launched an effortless attack, but in fact, he was using almost 80% of his strength.

Of course, no one else knew what was happening inside him. To them, it was most likely that Riyad had already used every ounce of his hidden strength. Zen's bones were probably going to be shattered within about three seconds.

However, they were astonished to see that Zen was standing motionless and he repeated his words...

At that moment, Riyad got mad and unleashed his power. Zen's shoulder gently swayed and emitted a counter attacking power which was so strong that his enemy couldn't even stand upright.

Under the attack of Zen's power, Riyad, shocked by the terrible strength of his opponent, found his entire body starting to retreat rapidly. His feet plowed two grooves into the ground, and after he had been forced back hundreds of feet, his entire body flipped over and his fist smashed itself of its own accord into the ground behind him before he finally came to a stop!

Riyad had actually released a terrible power by launching this punch. If he hadn't done that, his bones wouldn't have been able to withstand the immense and shattering pressure and would break apart into pieces inch by inch!


When Riyad's punch landed on the ground behind him, it caused the ground to sink slightly. Then, the surface of the ground started to roll up and formed a one thousand-feet huge crater. Several of the warriors, who were silently cultivating, were sucked into the crater too, and they all started to fly up into the air.

Some of them, who were extremely focused on their cultivation and had been disturbed, were furious and their faces were filled with anger. However, when they saw Riyad, they didn't dare to flare up. They were curious abou

ntal predicaments was an extremely dangerous affair. Many warriors, who encountered such dilemmas, weren't able to find the meaning of their own life and they never recovered. Some of them hid in the mountains, some became crazy, and some even killed themselves the moment they figured out the meaning of life...

Zen, on the other hand, quickly walked out of this predicament through contemplation.

After he had broken free from his confusion, Zen's goal was even clearer to him now. His warrior spirit had also completed its transformation and had upgraded through this contemplation...

An expression of grievance almost began to appear on Riyad's face. He thought that it was rather unlucky and idiotic of him to provoke a fool like Zen!

However, at that moment, with a gleam in his bright eyes, Zen smiled at Riyad and said the most unexpected thing, "Thank you!"

Riyad frowned. He no longer wanted to talk to Zen. With a flick of his cape, he dashed towards the other side of the gathering place.

He believed that Zen wasn't insane, and was just playing around with him, like a cat with a mouse. He became even more indignant at the thought of this. Just as he had returned to where he lived, he saw two armored warriors standing at his door.

When Riyad saw these two armored warriors of the Spiritual Force Sacred Place, a smile immediately appeared on his face. The reason he had been able to be so overbearing and supercilious in the mine was all because of the support of these two armored warriors.

"Mr. Huang, Mr. Chen, why are you two here? Are you short of life vitality jades?" Riyad chuckled, and was extremely polite as well.

After he had taken control of the mines, he had given out a lot of life vitality jades to these two warriors. The trio could be considered quite familiar and frank with each other. The armored warriors would let him do whatever he wanted to, and he would give them life vitality jades in return. This was their deal.

However, one of the armored warriors just coldly uttered, "Riyad, I don't want your life vitality jades today. But I am warning you not to take any action against Zen."

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