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   Chapter 1318 The Mental Predicament (Part Two)

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 5532

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No one could help Zen right now; even the cyan dragon's simple teachings were meaningless. Zen could only rely on himself to convince himself and defeat himself. During the struggle, he had to fight with his mind and attitude and no one could meddle in it; unless they had a way of changing his mind. And changing someone's mind meant changing their very soul and foundation. They would lose their memories and become a different person altogether.

At that moment, Riyad walked up to Zen.

Zen opened his eyes as he felt the presence of a Soul Sea Realm warrior in front of him. He then looked at Riyad indifferently. Although he hadn't met him before, he could easily figure out his identity and guessed that the man in front of him was the one who had sent the three warriors to kill him today.

"Where are they?" Riyad asked coldly with an icy stare at Zen.

"Where are who?" Zen asked.

Riyad laughed coldly and replied, "The three warriors. Who else do you think I am talking about? Will you pretend that you don't know them?"

"Ah yes. Them! Well... I killed them." Zen shrugged.

"You killed them? On your own?" Riyad was skeptical.

Zen let out a long sigh, and then responded, "Yes, just me. On my own..."

When they heard the conversation between Zen and Riyad, a stunned expression appeared on the faces of the other warriors, who were busy cultivating or resting nearby.

There seemed to be a conflict between Zen at the Life and Death Realm and Riyad at the Soul Sea Realm.

Furthermore, Zen had actually killed three warriors who worked for Riyad...

Was this guy really that powerful?

If he tried to provoke Riyad, wo

ed and he clenched his fists. He couldn't tolerate Zen and was almost about to lose control. At the beginning, he just wanted to put psychological pressure on Zen so that he would obediently become his slave. He did not expect that Zen would not only ignore him, but also talk nonsense!

He really wanted to attack Zen there and then but alas!

In the end, he managed to suppress the anger inside and not say a word. Tomorrow, he would think of a way to deal with this idiot. Promising that he would kill Zen for sure, Riyad turned around and left.

However, Zen did not let him go. Instead, he moved and in the blink of an eye, was standing in front of Riyad. He stared at him and asked, "What's the point in pursuing to be powerful? Do you know that?"

Riyad wanted to leave, but Zen blocked his way once more. The former was almost mad with anger now.

As for the nearby warriors, their eyes were wide open as they watched this scene. One of them remarked in a low voice, "He is probably out of his mind after being scared by Riyad. Otherwise, he wouldn't have the gut to block his way..."

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