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   Chapter 1317 The Mental Predicament (Part One)

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After he had killed the three warriors, Zen got lost in some deep thought. Something was itching in the back of his mind.

Even Freya, who was standing beside him, could feel that something was wrong with him. It seemed that Zen was not in a good mood and after Freya continued to try talking to him for a while, Zen began to ignore her.

The truth was that the problem that Zen was thinking about wasn't really a problem in the eyes of other warriors.

That was because even though they could work hard to achieve numerous kinds of things, they often lacked an ultimate and definite goal.

In the early days, Zen had indeed been guided by Yan. Perhaps this was a kind of arrangement by his fate. And even now, Yan was still the main impetus to make him move forward!

However, searching for Yan was something that Zen only had to accomplish, and not his ultimate goal. No. His ultimate and definite goal was something that came from the most resolute determination in his mind.

His obsession was indeed to pursue mastery in the martial arts. He wanted to see what level of strength he could achieve as he continued his cultivation. Would he be able to control this world, or would he be able to go on and create his own world?

After he had flown into the Upper World, it had come to his discovery that the rules here were similar to those in the Lower World.

A feeling of disgust arose in his heart as he thought about that, and this sort of disgust would accumulate into confusion soon. If he still had to see the same scenery and go through the same experiences even after he reached higher cultivation levels and ascended to the Upper world, then he simply could not be interested in anything!

What even Zen himself didn't know was that he had

comers didn't know about Riyad's power, but most of the warriors there knew clearly that even though he was also from the Lower World, it was better for them to not provoke him. This guy was known to be even harder to deal with than the armored warriors of the Spiritual Force Sacred Place. And that was saying something.

The reason behind that was that those armored warriors were bound by the rules of the Spiritual Force Sacred Place. But there was nothing restraining Riyad's behavior and he could do whatever he wanted. Although he was just a warrior who ascended from the Lower World, he had the power to decide the life and death of everyone else in this mine!

Zen was still sitting quietly on the spot with his eyes tightly shut. He kept on pondering over the question which was puzzling him.

Even the cyan dragon noticed the change in Zen's mental state.

However, he did not say anything and only carefully watched Zen's every move. He had already guessed that Zen was in a mental predicament, and this was a very troublesome state to be in. What was worse, the more confidence and persistence Zen had before, the more difficult this predicament would be!

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