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   Chapter 1316 Confusion

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With regard to Zen's cultivation level being only at the Life and Death Realm, Riyad was also a bit curious.

Moreover, the few followers of the bald warrior described to Riyad earlier about how Zen had fought yesterday. Zen seemed to have great strength. He had actually sent the bald man into the mine with a mere slap.

This strength was enough to make Riyad wary. Therefore, he sent three men to follow Zen into the mine.

All three of them were Riyad's best fighters. Although they were also from the Lower World, they were outstanding among the warriors, and their strength was far greater than the ordinary ones.

Riyad had instructed them to kill Zen in secret.

Although the Spiritual Force Sacred Place did not have much control over fighting and killing in the mine, Riyad was always very careful. If he killed too many warriors, the number of life vitality crystals he would have to hand in would decrease. If someone superior was angered, then the armored men who managed the mine would blame Riyad for this.

Thus, under normal circumstances, Riyad didn't kill people. As long as the warriors obediently handed over their life vitality crystals, he didn't make things difficult for them.

However, when it was time to act, Riyad did not hesitate in the slightest. Zen dared to kill his man, so he must pay with his life. Otherwise, how would Riyad become the leader of the strongest force? How could he get a foothold before so many of his subordinates?

Freya was still immersed in her doubts and speculations. She carefully thought about it and realized that Zen had purposely avoided her the day before. In any case, she was completely unaware of his whereabouts during that period of time. He indeed had plenty of time to do other things.

Just as Freya was making wild guesses, she heard someone talk to her in her mind.

"Some people are following us," Zen said.

Even though the three people behind them had intentionally concealed their auras, how could they escape Zen's senses? As soon as he had left the gathering place, Zen locked onto the movements of the three people.

However, he had not been sure of their intentions earlier. After all, it was possible that the three of them were just going to mine. However, after Zen changed directions several times, he realized that they were still following him.


At Zen's words, Freya also noticed the three people following them.

In fact, the three warriors didn't try to hide themselves. Riyad had asked them to make Zen "disappear" in the mine. In their eyes, a Life and Dea

use, he still had access to pleasure.

The three women in front of him tried to roll their hips enticingly in an attempt to seduce him.

Females were rare to find here. Only a few warriors were able to enjoy these women. Riyad, of course, was one of them.

The three women had been top warriors in the Lower World. Perhaps they were holy maidens, or perhaps they had been empresses of divine kingdoms. It was a pity that after ascending, they had to cling to and depend on these men to make their living.

While the three women were performing an alluring dance, Riyad's complexion whitened. He crushed the metal wine cup in his hand into a ball.

"The slave seals disappeared?" His expression turned grim.

The slave seals he had planted on his own subordinates had completely vanished in an instant.

It pointed to only one possibility—all three of them had been killed.

They were Riyad's most capable men, and he was well aware of their strength. Moreover, the slave seals disappeared at almost the same time, which meant that someone had used a technique to kill the three of them in the blink of an eye.

Did the young Life and Death Realm warrior and the woman at the Soul Sea Realm do this?

This was impossible!

Almost subconsciously, Riyad dismissed the idea in his mind.

It was most probable that the three of them were lured to the bottom of the mine by Zen, where they encountered powerful vicious beasts. However, his men were very careful. They would not allow Zen to enter the depths of the mine.

"Riyad! What's the matter with you? You don't look too good!" A woman shook her slender waist and sat on his lap.

Riyad snorted coldly. "Nothing. Something interesting happened."

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