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   Chapter 1315 Riyad

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Once her song was finished, the woman giggled and asked, "Am I a good singer?"


"It's such a wonderful song that belongs to the Heavens!"

"I've never heard such a beautiful song before."

It made their hearts ache to use their precious Roaring Tokens to praise this unknown woman, but the Supreme Lords had no choice.

She might sound young, but she was someone none of them could afford to offend. Her displeasure might spell doom for the entire universe, after all.

The woman snorted, "I'm not asking you guys! I'm asking him!"

It was clearly obvious who she was referring to.

Noticing that the young man who had counted for so long earlier had gotten silent, the Supreme Lords scrambled to get him speaking once again. "Say something boy!"

Zen smiled to himself in his cave. He activated the Roaring Token in his hand and praised, "You're a good singer."

"Really?" she exclaimed. "Then can I sing to you every day?"

Her voice was incredibly lovely but all the Supreme Lords would die of stress if she sang every day. How could they ever enjoy such good singing if the threat of a horrifying beast attack hung on her every note?

Unfortunately, it was not their place to deny her of her wishes. They couldn't afford to offend her though they wished Zen would reject this offer of hers.

"Okay," Zen replied.

"Great! By the way, I don't know your name. How should I address you in the future?" she asked him.

This immediately piqued the interest of the Supreme Lords.

A name would greatly narrow down their options in finding this young man. These two fellows were incredibly interesting, and they all wanted to know just where they got their Roaring Tokens from and how they hadn't used them up yet.

However, Zen was no idiot. There was no way he was going to announce his name to the entire universe after scolding two Supreme Lords. His special Roaring Token would also be at risk if his identity was ever exposed.

"I'm sorry, but it's a secret," he said.

"What a pity!" she replied in a dejected voice. There was a collective intake of breath as the Supreme Lords all thought that Zen's reply had offended her, but the woman quickly spoke again. "It doesn't matter, as long as you can chat with me. I

h nothing but her wild guesses.

In the midst of their conversation, they did not notice the eyes that watched them as they entered the mine.

A kind of system had formed among those who had recently ascended to the Upper World.

The warriors were divided into three factions with the most powerful one led by someone called Riyad Qiu.

The bald warrior slapped to the point of death by Zen yesterday was actually one of Riyad's subordinates. How would some baldy like him dare rob someone if he didn't have a powerful backer?

Riyad was someone who had already accumulated the required amount of life vitality jades. He had originally planned to leave as soon as he turned over his mined ores but decided to stay and accumulate more life vitality jades. He planned to use this surplus to purchase resources that could aid him in his cultivation once he left.

The leaders of the two other forces also had the same plan. In fact, there was a kind of tribute system that had developed in the mine wherein the warriors not only had to give their earnings to the Spiritual Force Sacred Place, but also allocate a percentage to the three forces.

The six warriors that had run away yesterday had gone to Riyad and aired their grievances. Riyad, as the one who held the most power in the mine, took Zen's actions as a challenge to his authority.

Newly ascended warriors were often conceited since they were not aware of who was boss. Those who offended Riyad's men often disappeared without a trace.

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