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   Chapter 1314 The Beast Attack

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He had been counting for hours now and he was all doing it just to prove a point to those two Supreme Lords.

However, he did not expect a woman to suddenly interrupt him in the midst of his counting.

Zen was excited at first since he had been looking forward to hearing Yan's voice but then he quickly deflated when he realized that it wasn't her. "It's not fun," he replied to the woman grumpily.

"Then why are you still counting? Are you crazy?" she asked.

"It is quite boring. I don't really want to talk anymore. I'm going to go cultivate now," he said, finally deciding to put away the Roaring Token he had been fiddling with for a while now.

However, the woman on the other end quickly protested, "Wait! Don't go. Do you want me to sing a song for you?"

It was an innocent offer but a dozen voices suddenly rang out at her suggestion. Almost all of the reclusive warriors used their Roaring Tokens to speak!

"No! Please don't sing!"

"Your voice is nice and pleasant but please don't sing. No one wants to hear you sing!"

"Hey, hey! Didn't you promise us that you wouldn't sing anymore?"

Everyone spoke at the same time.

Zen's earlier argument with Amritpal and Myles was met with silence from the other Supreme Lords. Nobody deemed the spat important enough to arbitrate and use their Roaring Tokens for.

However, this simple offer of a song was met by such loud refusal by all the Supreme Lords.

Zen couldn't help but be baffled at their reactions. She just wanted to sing a song. Wouldn't that be better than listening to him count all day long?

"I only want to sing a song. Why are you all so nervous?" the woman asked in a gentle voice. "Is it because my voice is bad?"

"No! No one in the entire universe has a more beautiful singing voice than you but you promised us that you wouldn't sing anymore!"

"We think that your voice is wonderful but please don't sing..."

"Don't sing. Please don't sing!"

The Supreme Lords' ardent refusal made Zen curious. "Why are they afraid of hearing you sing? Is it because you're bad at it?"

The woman giggled. "They don't like it when I sing, but I want to…"

"We don't think your voice sounds unpleasant, but just don't sing…" Several of the Supreme Lords repeated, still trying to persuade her to change her mind.

"Hmmm," the woman hummed as if thinking her next decision. "Okay. I won't release the demonic sound from my voice. Don't w

rs, ensuring that every entrance, main road, and city wall were well staffed and well-guarded.

It was as if the entire universe had prepared for war.

Although they were told that her voice wouldn't cause a beast attack, the events from long ago were still deeply etched in their memories. There was no way they were going to be lax in the midst of a possible beast attack.

Nobody knew who she was and there was no way they could make her pay if she caused devastation all throughout the universe the second time around.

Vigilance was paramount when it came to possible devastation.

The Spiritual Force Sacred Place Zen was in was no exception. Its members were set for war with a large number of powerful masters already gathered to defend their land. There was no expectation set to the warriors who had recently ascended from Lower World. None of them really had any idea how terrifying a beast attack could be so most of them simply continued digging ores.

Not long after, a clear, melodious voice echoed throughout the universe.

"Reviving in the midst of the wind and leaves, floating under the shadow of the trees...

The musical notes around my fingertips, for whom...

The whistling wheels..."

The slow and elegant melody was haunting and her lilting voice perfectly fit the song. It was like the sound of a nightingale singing on a cool, starry night.

However, nobody was in the mood to appreciate her singing, save for Zen of course. Everyone was just too tense and too on edge to pay attention to her otherworldly voice when the threat of a mass-scale beast attack hung over their heads.

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