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   Chapter 1313 Counting

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Owing to the Roaring Token's incredibly valuable status, possession and use of it were usually reserved to the richest and most powerful warriors.

Amritpal and Myles, both renowned as extremely strong warriors in the entire universe, were known to use it just to quarrel with each other.

It was extremely troublesome for those who heard them constantly but nobody was willing to provoke the ire of these two, not even the other Supreme Lords themselves.

It wasn't because they were extremely, terrifyingly strong. It was mostly because Amritpal and Myles were both independent warriors who could afford to go on a reckless rampage if ever angered by anyone without having to think of too serious repercussions.

So even if the way they used their Roaring Tokens disgruntled a lot of people, these people could only swallow their complaints and bear with it.

They comforted themselves by simply cursing these two people in private.

Zen, on the other hand, wasn't really keen on subtlety. He actually blamed these two Supreme Lords with his own Roaring Token.

It was stupid but also incredibly impressive.

Yolande coughed to clear the liquid she had choked on moments before, dumbfounded by Zen's boldness.

'What an interesting boy, ' she thought to herself. 'I really wonder where he is now after ascending from the Lower World.'

She couldn't help but agree with her clone in the Tower of Sin. Anyone without a destined fate was significant for the era and it wasn't right for others to forcefully change their fate.

"He doesn't have a destined fate but if he happens to ascend to my world, then it must be destiny pulling strings to let us meet again," she murmured before walking out of the pool.

Just as she left the fog, a faint green light enveloped her body, fitting her with an elegant green dress.

At that moment, five to six transmission passageways flickered in front of her, containing each one of her clones.

All the clones took off their clothes and were preparing to fuse into her main body.

However, Yolande held up her hand, "Wait here for me. I need to go and deal with something first."

The clones obediently froze, like puppets waiting for their puppeteer to pull their strings and allow them to move.

The 'something' that Yolande had to deal with was finding out the names of those who had recently ascended from the Lower World. She issued an order asking for a comprehensive list of these people and she was determined to go through this list meticulously.

Her subordinate was baffled at this strange request of hers, not really sure why she'd want such information. However, Yolande was boss and there was no way he was going to neglect her order so he quickly set out to accom

lace! Just who is he?"

"Maybe he's a rich Supreme Lord's descendant? I've never seen such a spendthrift!"

Similar remarks were made by various creatures all over the universe.

But Zen continued counting.



"One hundred..."

Both Myles and Amritpal were rendered speechless.

Sure, the two of them had more Roaring Tokens than most people but it could never compare to the amount Zen had. Myles had a lot since he raised several hundred Roaring Tapirs. However, his current supply only amounted to a little over a hundred and the next batch of tokens wasn't due to be produced anytime soon.

Amritpal had less with only eighty Roaring Tokens.

And even if their token collection was larger than any other Supreme Lords, the fact remained that they couldn't afford to squander them away like Zen was currently doing.

They truly could not comprehend just how this unknown young man from god knows where got ahold of so many Roaring Tokens.

Trading just a few of these tokens would've been enough to obtain a huge amount of resources for his cultivation! Why did he choose to use them this way?

While they ruminated on this, Zen's voice continued to resound throughout the universe.

"One hundred and ten..."

"One hundred and twenty..."

"One hundred and thirty..."

The numbers only went larger and larger.

Zen's counting lasted for a full four hours. During this time the listeners' feelings went from astonishment to disbelief, and then numbness. He was at the ten thousandth mark when a voice finally interrupted him.

"Hey, what are you doing? Is counting so much fun?"

It was a light, ethereal voice of a woman, and was extremely pleasing to the ears.

But the moment the world lords and Supreme Lords heard this voice, their faces changed drastically!

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