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   Chapter 1312 The Return Of Yolande's Clones

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A crease appeared between Zen's brows at the thought of the second possibility: Yan was not in the universe.

If that was true, then it would be a piece of bad news for him.

The universe was too vast, and infinite even. How would Zen even begin to find his sister?

If Yan was outside the universe, that would even be harder for him!

There was a trace of unwillingness on Zen's face when he thought about those possibilities. He stretched his hand, and then activated the Roaring Token once more.

"Yan Luo, where are you?"

For the second time, Zen's booming voice reverberated throughout the entire universe as the Roaring Token gently vibrated.

All the numerous races and living beings of the universe heard the familiar call of Zen once again.

"Damn it. Who the hell is Yan Luo? Why is she so lucky? In order to find her, the man has used two Roaring Tokens without even batting an eyelid."

"He's rather wilful, I must say."

"But the way he shouted was confusing. Even if he's looking for someone, he shouldn't shout like that, right? He should've at least told where he is. Who looks for someone like that?"

What they didn't know was that Zen didn't have a powerful backer, nor was he a descendant of a Supreme Lord. Thus, he had to be careful due to his current strength and status. He couldn't tell anyone his name or location. If he revealed too much information, others would come after him.

After his second shout had been transmitted, he waited again for five minutes, but there was still no response.

The seconds passed by idly, and Zen felt himself starting to get impatient.

He had originally planned to use the Roaring Token to find his sister. After that, he would try to obtain enough life vitality jades and become an independent warrior. Finally, he would find a way to travel to the supreme worlds and see Yan.

Alas, he couldn't even finish the first step of his plan because Yan did not respond.

In extreme dissatisfaction, Zen begrudgingly activated the Roaring Token again. And like what he did before, he shouted, "Yan Luo, where are you?"

Just as his last word slipped out of his lips, a voice resounded in his ears. Someone responded to the call from his Roaring Token.

"Hmph, so what if you've mastered the Energy Returning Incarnation? I'll wait for you in the Autumn Mountain World. Will you dare to come?"

Zen was already filled with anticipation when he heard the voice, but it turned out that it was from Supreme Lord Amritpal. An already agitated and impatient Zen became even more furious.

He was afraid that his voice wouldn't reach Yan's ears. When someone had interrupted him, he became more ablaze with anger.

However, he didn't bother to provoke Supreme Lord Amritpal. But just as Supreme Lord Amritpal had finished speaking, another voice chimed in. "Just

ad one or two. Given her special position, she had five.

Five Roaring Tokens were already very rare to begin with. She wouldn't have used them, unless for an especially urgent matter.

But in just this short amount of time, she had heard Zen shout thrice already.

"What a waste it is to find his sister with the help of Roaring Tokens." Yolande was at a loss for words. She had found out through her clone in White Emperor City that Zen had a sister named Yan Luo, who seemed to be related to a grade two sect in the Lower World.

Later on, she was kidnapped and brought to the Central Region. However, Yolande had no idea how she came to the Upper World, since she didn't find any clues from her clones' memories.

She just simply dispersed her clones like seeds, so she wouldn't control wherever they went. Furthermore, it really was impossible for her to control a million clones.

Next, she heard the two Supreme Lords who used the Roaring Tokens to curse and argue against each other.

It was known that Amritpal and Myles had long been enemies. Their cursing had lasted for many years, and it was unknown just how many Roaring Tokens they had wasted.

They were Supreme Lords, so they had many Roaring Tokens and they were free to use them in any way they pleased. Now, Zen, on the other hand, was not. How could he be so wasteful?

Yolande scanned her surroundings. There were no signs of the ascending passageways opening up again. She assumed that her clones were still in flight, so she soaked her entire body in the bathing pool. The absorption process had made her weak and exhausted, so she had to immerse herself completely in the special liquid.

The moment half her head was soaked in, she heard Zen's angry curse. She coughed and exhaled repeatedly. She was so taken aback by Zen that she had swallowed a bit of the liquid, which made her cough more violently.

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