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   Chapter 1311 Where Are You Yan Luo

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Some bystanders couldn't help but sigh when they saw the two newcomers surrounded by Ernest and his men. It was an unlucky day for them since not only would they lose all their life vitality crystals, the woman was also surely going to be humiliated by this group of bullies.

They earnestly watched the scene from a distance. Most of them had also experienced being blackmailed by Ernest before and had no desire to undergo such an experience ever again. They could only sympathize and hope these newcomers wouldn't be hurt too much.

To their utmost surprise, instead of being bullied, the Life and Death Realm kid suddenly punched Ernest and sent him flying through the air. They all couldn't help but flinch when they heard an ominous crack once his body fell into the cave.

This show of monstrous strength immediately changed the bystanders' perception of Zen. No longer could they see him as a random Life and Death Realm kid. He was a devil that must be feared. Realizing that a bigger fish had arrived, they all quickly scattered and flew far away from that place.

Zen couldn't help but shake his head at the others' reaction. He turned to Freya and gave her a smile. "Let's go back and hand over these life vitality jades,"

he said, before quickly flying away towards the gathering place.

Freya quickly followed behind him. Their journey was quiet but her gaze spoke volumes at how much she regarded Zen with a new light.

She had first thought of herself as stronger owing to her higher cultivation along with the fact that her uncle was also the lord of a big city in the Spiritual Force Sacred Place. Freya was not lacking in both physical and social power. She had initially planned to do Zen a favor by recommending him to her uncle to help the young Life and Death Realm warrior reach his full potential under his tutelage.

However, seeing just what Zen was capable of, Freya now thought it stupid to think that he needed her or anyone's help. It was, in fact, the opposite: she was the one who needed his help.

This was a big blow to her pride but she couldn't help but also feel extremely grateful since he did get her out of the earlier altercation.

The two of them shortly arrived in the gathering place. Warriors were continually milling about the place. There were those that arrived to hand over their life vitality crystals. Others would rest for a bit while most went straight back to mining in order to gather one million supreme life vitality crystals so they could leave this damned place as soon as possible.

Zen took out the life vitality jades and all the warriors present couldn't help but feel extremely envious at his haul.

It was unfortunate for these jealous warriors because numerous Spiritual Force Sacred Place warriors guarded the gathering place, making robbery an impossibility.

"Eh? Aren't you that warrior who just registered here not long ago?" the armored man in charge of collecting the lif

nd the given name was Yan. Yan Luo and Zen Luo… No matter how she looked at it, the two names were unmistakably related!

'No, maybe it's just a coincidence, ' she thought to herself. Zen might have surprised her with his strength but there was no way someone like him was in possession of such a valuable thing as a Roaring Token.

It wasn't just her. A lot of creatures who gained wisdom all across the universe were also puzzled by this voice.

It seemed the voice uttered the name of a person he was looking for, however, this Yan Luo seemed to be someone obscure. Was it really necessary to have used a Roaring Token just to find someone?

"Maybe it's a descendant of some Supreme Lord. He might have a lot of Roaring Tokens on hand so he didn't bother wasting it!"

"This is really burning money! My God, a Roaring Token... Isn't it too wasteful to use it like this?!"

"Well, this wouldn't be the first time. The eldest son of Supreme Lord Dafydd once used a hundred Roaring Tokens to express his love for Supreme Lord Darryl's daughter back in the day. Rich people can be really wasteful sometimes."

Back in the small cave, Zen continued to wait.

According to Lavender, the young man that had taken Yan was even stronger than a Supreme Lord so Zen assumed that he should have a Roaring Token. And the young man had promised Zen that Yan would be safe with him. If Yan heard him then she would also definitely reply.

However, Zen waited for a long while but did not get any response. His gaze gradually darkened

There were only two reasons he could think of which would explain this situation: one, Yan had been unable to obtain a Roaring Token and couldn't answer, or two, she was not within the range of this universe.

The first reason would entail that Yan's situation wasn't as good as Zen had initially thought. She could be imprisoned or worse. Maybe the young man was mean and refused to give her a Roaring Token to reply to her brother.

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