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   Chapter 1310 A Palm

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 9957

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The seven warriors who had reached the Soul Sea Realm were left wondering if they had heard wrongly.

At the same time, they were also wondering just where the chill had come from. It wasn't so scary just now.

They had been either rulers of some divine kingdoms or leaders of sacred places of sixth or seventh grade in the Lower World. Such places weren't exactly full of Life and Death Realm people but these guys had seen their fair share of them.

And from their very foundation, they always looked down on Life and Death Realm martial artists.

Now, they saw that this young man at the Life and Death Realm looked like he wanted to have a fight here.

Where did he find the courage? How could he even hope to fight seven martial artists at the Soul Sea Realm alone?

Was he crazy? He was clearly biting off more than he could chew.

Thinking about that, the seven Soul Sea Realm martial artists burst into a mocking laughter.

Freya, who was standing beside Zen, was also dumbfounded. She really did not know what made Zen so confident and had no idea what the hell he was trying to do, except that he would die. Could it be that Zen had someone backing him? Wait, no! That was impossible! If Zen had a backer in the Upper World, why would he want to mine here? He would have been taken away long ago.

However, although Freya was very confused, she still looked calm. Zen had already shown his incredible skills in front of her twice. Could it be that he had a way to deal with these Soul Sea Realm martial artists too, just like he had dealt with all their problems before now? On second thought, with Zen's cultivation, he probably wouldn't have any chance of victory. Thus, although she looked calm, she was actually very anxious.

While laughing uncontrollably, the martial artists were also staring at Zen with derisive eyes. The one named Ernest, their leader, was laughing so hard that he couldn't even breathe. But at the end, a vicious sneer curled the corners of his mouth. "I'll give you a chance to live. Give me all the life vitality jades you have, now! And, if you give me enough jades every day, I'll let you go. If you fail by the end of any day, your life..."

"Thank you for your kind intentions, but I don't need that chance," Zen interrupted and smiled, as the chaotic energy within his body suddenly erupted and he closed in on Ernest.

During his last few months in the Lower World, Zen had diligently and painstakingly trained without stopping.

In addition to cultivating the Primal Chaos Technique and the Stellar Body, he had also found some books which had the Original Laws in them inside the fairy palace's library.

Generally speaking, the Original Laws were carved on the stone tablets, but his master had directly recorded numerous kinds of laws in huge books. By reading these books, one would be able to completely master them without a single omission. With Zen's perfect affinity, and his cultivation speed enhanced

s, so they collected life vitality crystals by robbery.

This group of seven people was relatively small in number. Some of them had even combined their strength to form a group of dozens of members. They even monopolized a mine in this vein. All the martial artists who entered their mine would have to pay a certain amount of life vitality crystals.

When these seven people had first seen that Zen was only at the Life and Death Realm, they were confused. How could a Life and Death Realm martial artist come here? They couldn't figure out why.

However, they didn't ponder over it too seriously. They weren't going to pay much attention to a mere Life and Death Realm martial artist. They did not even take Freya seriously, let alone Zen.

Now they finally understood that Zen's cultivation and strength could not be underestimated. His strength was much higher than that of those who had just reached the Soul Sea Realm. Even Ernest had hardly been able to resist him.

Freya's mouth was slightly open as she thought about what had happened just now. She had an expression of disbelief on her face. No matter how imaginative she was, it was impossible for her to come up with a scenario where Zen was exactly his own backer.

Zen looked at his palm with a faint smile on his face, as if the intense scene in front of them didn't even happen. Then he asked, "I wonder if the Spiritual Force Sacred Place really does not care about us killing people for their goods. If so, that's great."

At his words, the faces of all the martial artists changed drastically and turned a deathly shade of pale and white.

"We have to leave! Now!"

As Soul Sea Realm martial artists, they made their decisions very quickly. They knew that Zen was trying to threaten them, but if they didn't act tactfully, he would kill them without the slightest bit of hesitation. Therefore, no one dared to answer his question.


In an instant, all of the martial artists had fled.

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