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   Chapter 1309 Being Immoral

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Both Zen and Freya did not say anything. They were warriors who had immense experience on their back and had seen a lot of things. Therefore, they naturally understood that this group of people were not here with good intentions.

Freya frowned and asked, "What's going on? What do you want?"

The bald warrior in the lead carefully stared at Freya with a curious gaze that lingered on her chest and waist for a while. The corners of his mouth slightly rose up with a malicious angle, and his eyes revealed an obscene look. "What do we want? We want to ask you something. That's all." After that, he paused for a while and then pointed to the cave behind Freya. "Do you know how this cave was formed?"

"No. How did it come into existence?" Freya asked with a sarcastic tone.

"I dug it out! Bit by bit, I made this cave!" The bald warrior replied, patting his chest, as if proving a point.

Zen's gaze was still indifferent as he played with the life vitality jade in his hand. He had not said a single word till now.

Freya's face, on the other hand, was full of confusion as she asked, "Did you really dig the cave yourself? But so what?" This entire mountain was already filled with countless mine holes. If they wanted to dig out some life vitality crystals, they would have to dig them out anyway. There was nothing in there to be proud of!

The bald warrior faintly smiled. "Don't you understand what I mean? Well, you're stupid. Not to worry, I like that in a girl! You see, since I dug this cave myself, all of the life vitality crystals that you brought out of it naturally belong to me!"

"That's right. That's the principle!"

"Ha-ha. Ernest is right!"

numerous Soul Sea Realm warriors standing behind Ernest muttered, echoing his words.

Freya had already figured out that this group of warriors were aggressive and they were there with malicious intentions. However, she had not expected that they would be so shameless. It was impossible for them to dig out such a monstrous cave. After all, those who had come here before them had already dug out countless mine holes, and there might be hundreds of thousands of holes in this enormous mountain range. Even if they really had dug such a cave, they shouldn't force Zen and her to hand over the life vitality crystals.

Freya pulled a long face as she asked in a cold voice, "Why don't you just be straight? You are going to rob us, right?"

The bald warrior bluntly responded, "Oh look at that! You finally understand. Ha-ha!"

"How can you take these crystals away from everyone else under broad daylight? Won't the Spiritual Force Sacred Place meddle in this kind of robbery or punish you for doing this?" Freya was looking annoyed now. The seven warriors in front of her were all at the Soul Sea Realm. Although Freya was also at the Soul Sea Realm, she was worried about Zen who was only at the Life and Death Realm. Although he had shown some incredible abilities just now, Freya still did not think highly of Zen's battle prowess.

After all, the gap between the Soul Sea Realm and the Life and Death Realm was quite broad. What was more, Zen hadn't even opened up his own inner world yet, so he couldn't use his own domain. Thus he would be unable to fight ag

come you have so many life vitality jades?

They are actually equal to several hundred thousand supreme life vitality crystals! Ernest, we are really very lucky this time..."

When these warriors robbed in the mines, they could only extort a few hundred supreme life vitality crystals every month, and they might get about a few thousand life vitality crystals at most if they were lucky enough. The problem was that their group had seven members, and they had to gather seven million supreme life vitality crystals so that they would be able to leave. That was no mean feat and would take time.

Everyone here was at the Soul Sea Realm, and after some warriors had been robbed once, they became shrewd and alert. Thus it became more and more difficult for these seven warriors to rob them.

With so many life vitality jades suddenly appearing in front of them, how could they not be wild with joy?

The bald warrior smacked his lips. Looking at Zen with joy on his face, he had some doubts he needed to clear. "I don't know if you are really stupid or just too naive. Only a complete dunce would hand over so many life vitality jades so easily! Why did you show them to us?

Even the most stupid man in the world would not do such a thing." The bald warrior called 'Ernest' was quite curious about this.

Zen stretched out his arm and replied, "Actually, before I entered the mines, I had already considered robbing. Compared to digging hard, robbery can help me get the life vitality crystals faster. However, after thinking about it, I kind of felt that it was not appropriate for me to do such a despicable thing. Also, I was not sure if the Spiritual Force Sacred Place would interfere in such a matter. So I decided okay, let's go legit!"

Zen slightly raised his head, slowly putting those life vitality jades back into his space ring. He gently opened his mouth, a faint killing intent appearing on his face. Although the killing intent was very light, it made those warriors unconsciously feel scared. "But now, I have to thank you for answering my question. So, the Spiritual Force Sacred Place wouldn't interfere if I kill or rob anyone here."

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