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   Chapter 1308 Snake Venom

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The Snowfall Domain Freya condensed slowed the Nine-head Snake by a mere three seconds, but these three seconds were all it took for them to come out of there alive.

This area was incomparably dangerous, but as with all great risks, the chances of obtaining live vitality jades were high.

Still, it didn't seem that practical for a newly ascended warrior to bet his life so early on in the game. No one was really willing to risk his life here in the mine.

Majority of the Soul Sea Realm warriors opted to search for supreme life vitality crystals instead of risking their necks to find the life vitality jades at the bottom of the mine.

With the three-second buffer Freya had provided them, the two immediately jumped into the vertical hole Zen had opened, shooting themselves upwards and away from the beast.

However, the mighty Nine-head Snake wasn't just going to let them go so easily!


The snake's heads all stood up on alert as the beast launched its entire body up in the air.

However, as it blindly followed its supposed prey, the Nine-head Snake failed to take into account its size and the fact that the hole was only twenty to thirty feet wide. It smashed onto the entrance violently, but remained relentless in its pursuit.


Realizing that it wouldn't be able to fit, the beast figured that maybe it would be better to use its formidable strength instead. The Nine-head Snake wasted no time and smashed its incredibly huge and strong body onto the hole, causing the collapse of the entire cave system. Despite the falling debris, however, its speed remained unimpeded.

As they rushed upward, Freya continually unleashed her icicles upon the enemy.

Freya's icicles were strong since they came from a Soul Sea Realm warrior. However, the snake's defenses were infinitely stronger and each attack did nothing to pierce through the thick scales that protected the beast's flesh.

Truth be told, the Nine-head Snake could be considered the weakest among all legendary beasts when it came to attack power. However, it had one unique trait that made it very difficult to deal with.

This ability was regeneration wherein even if one beheaded the snake, the severed extremity would simply heal and regenerate over time. Zen, who had obtained a Nine-head Dragon's blood vigor on Cloud Road, had emerged with a strengthened body and an increased recovery ability reminiscent of this beast's unique trait.

The only thing keeping both Zen and Freya alive right now was the weak attack and chase skills of the beast. Had it been any other level twelve beast, they would both be dead.

It might be the weakest, but the Nine-head Snake was still a legendary be

nake's departure was a huge weight off their shoulders. Escaping with your life was probably the most adrenaline-rush inducing activity ever. However, they managed to harvest thirty-nine life vitality jades.

"This exploration shall come to an end here. We'll split these in half once we return," Zen said indifferently.

Freya nodded in understanding. "Of course!" She felt at ease knowing that their distribution would be fair.

The two of them simultaneously flew to the top of the mine. Zen used this time to carefully size up a life vitality jade in his hand.

At first, one would think that the life vitality jade and the life vitality crystal were similar, but Zen knew that there was a difference between the two.

Life vitality crystals were a special sort of ore that contained the vitality between heaven and earth. Supreme life vitality crystals were the same, but contained a lot more energy at a purer state.

Life vitality jades, on the other hand, were like fruits that sprang from tree branches, condensed with the vitality between heaven and earth. They not only provided life vitality, but also had a multitude of other uses.

A supreme life vitality crystal could cost around 100 high-grade life vitality crystals, but a life vitality jade would be equal to 10, 000 supreme life vitality crystals. Such was the difference.

The life vitality jade in his hand was warm and smooth, and it emitted pure life vitality that any holder could absorb.

Unfortunately, this was no use for Zen, who relied on chaotic energy instead of life vitality.

As he thought about this, six to seven warriors appeared above them.

They were all at the Soul Sea Realm. "Hold it right there!" one of them called out.

"Eh? This one's a Life and Death Realm guy!" another one jeered.

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