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   Chapter 1306 Unable To Take Them Away

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In fact, both of them had never seen a life vitality jade before.

The Spiritual Force Sacred Place did not treat the warriors who flew to the Upper World very well. They just set up an enchanted barrier around the mine and threw the warriors in, treating them like locked up prisoners.

If the warriors wanted to get out, they had to hand over one hundred life vitality jades. It was no different from robbing them.

The only good thing about it was that it made the warriors from the Lower World stop longing for the Upper World. It made them realize how helpless the Soul Sea Realm warriors would be once they ascended to the Upper World.

The stones were exuding with life vitality, so they were most likely to be life vitality jades.

However, it was not easy to take away the life vitality jades, which were placed not far away from a twelfth-level fierce beast.

With Zen's current strength, he could fight a Soul Sea Realm master. However, this twelfth-level fierce beast was equivalent to a Spirit Supreme Realm master, and the lifespan of a beast was often longer than those of humans. Besides, the Nine-head Snake was probably regarded as a legendary beast, so even if Zen fought it, he could not defeat it.

As for Freya, she had only just broken through to the Soul Sea Realm. Perhaps she thought that she was stronger than Zen, but Zen didn't think much of it.

The two of them stared at the cluster of life vitality jades as they observed the sleeping Nine-head Snake. They were hesitant about reaching out to get the life vitality jades.

Still, they did not want to give up. However, they were afraid that they would risk their lives if they tried to take away the jades.

At the moment, Freya smiled faintly. "I have a hidden treasure and with its help I can hide most of my breath. This Nine-head Snake is still sleeping. I should go and steal those life vitality jades."

Hearing Freya's words, Zen did not utter a word. It would be good if she could successfully take them away. There was great risk in it, but the benefits they would reap were not small. Therefore, he nodded solemnly.

Freya took out a light green muslin robe. The robe was as thin as a cicada's wing. As Freya casually put it on her body, Zen's face betrayed a trace of surprise.

Indeed, it was just as Freya had described. Once her body was covered in the muslin robe, a large portion of her breath was concealed. Even with Zen's incomparably keen sense of perception, it would have been difficult for him to detect her existence if he had not been paying attention to her. Of course he could not sense her through his perception, but if he observed with his eyes, he could see the noticeable green hue.

However, the purpose of this kind of magic treasure was to conceal the breath. Moreo

her hand did not move at all, nor did the milky white branch, as if the pair of them were made of steel and inlaid there.

Even if it was an iron tree, it should not be able to withstand Freya's tugging. It seemed to her that it would not be so easy to take away the life vitality jades.

Freya took another deep breath. This time, she used sixty percent of her strength, but the life vitality jade still did not move at all...

Finally, she tried to make use of ninety percent of her strength.

Freya's face was red with anger, but the life vitality jade was still hanging onto the branch.

At this time, she understood that she would not be able to pick it with just her strength alone.

She turned her head and looked at Zen helplessly. She could only give up and return to his side.

"I can't take it down..." Freya's face revealed a trace of anger. She had just been about to succeed, but then she discovered that she could not pick the life vitality jade after all. Naturally, she felt dejected and disappointed.

The Spiritual Force Sacred Place was the one to blame for all of this. If there was a shortage of life vitality jades there, they would send Spirit Supreme Realm masters to dig for the life vitality jades in the various mines of the sacred place. Usually, because of their abundant reserves, the Spirit Supreme Realm warriors could not be bothered to take action. Besides, if they went out to look for the life vitality jades, it would not only take them a lot of time, but also pose them great risks.

If one wanted to obtain life vitality jades, they would usually make use of some kind of a tool to dig them out. It had to at least be a divine weapon!

The life vitality jade had absorbed a vast amount of vitality between heaven and earth before slowly being created from the grounds. How could it be so easy to pluck it out?

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