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   Chapter 1305 The Roar From A Supreme Lord

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Although Zen didn't bother concerning himself with the few hundred supreme life vitality crystals, Freya proceeded to carefully divide the crystals in half, splitting them with Zen.

After securely stashing away all the supreme life vitality crystals they had gathered, the two sped up their pace downward. It wasn't long after they realized they had reached the end of the cave.

Initially, someone else had dug up the area but seemed to have stopped after a certain point at the lower layer of the mine.

Examining the place, Freya couldn't seem to find any other supreme life vitality crystals.

"What should we do?" she asked, fixing her eyes on Zen, waiting for his decision. "Should we change direction and find another cave to explore? Or should we move forward and dig this further?"

Pointing a finger to the ground, Zen replied, "We will go down!"

"Down? You want to go to the lowest layer?" Freya's eyes flashed with surprise.

If they continued digging the cave horizontally, while it would be rather troublesome, they could still probably gather quite a number of supreme life vitality crystals. With their cultivation and strength combined, they could randomly dig up the lower layer—even if the mine caved in, it wouldn't pose much danger to them.

Going further down also meant heading toward the life vitality jades. She had also heard that eleventh-grade and twelfth-grade beasts awaited at the bottom. While the eleventh-grade beast wouldn't be too difficult for her to beat, the latter would be all too tough for her—they were equivalent to the Spirit Supreme Realm masters. If Freya was unfortunate enough to encounter them, she would be led to her doom.

In a moment, it hit her how ambitious the Life and Death Realm guy in front of her really was.

All the while, Zen maintained a faint smile. He did not need the woman to follow him—if she was unwilling to go along, he wouldn't force her. In truth, he thought he would feel freer digging by himself—the feeling of having someone follow him felt like extra baggage.

After taking two steps forward, he decided on a location. Extending his fist and gently waving it for a moment, the power of two thousand dragon scales gathered in his right fist—he smashed it heavily into the ground.


In a single, powerful jab, numerous cracks appeared on the ground around him, spreading under his feet.

Crack… crack… crack…

Watching him go, Freya couldn't help but raise her brows in surprise. 'This guy's strength is extraordinary. From the looks of it, he wasn't using his full power in the strike. But his physical strength is probably much more remarkable than mine, even though I'm at the Soul Sea Realm. Is he really only at the Life and Death Realm?' she wondered.

Then, Zen threw the second punch.


The ground covered in countless cracks instantly gave way. Tiny fragments spread in all directions, forming a massive crater of seventy to eighty feet in depth under Zen's feet!

Standing in the middle of the huge cra

s that the token was so precious that even the wealthiest in status couldn't make a purchase because of the limited supply.

But this time, the Supreme Lord's roar aroused Zen's interest. The Roaring Token seemed to be a rather curious thing—he could probably use it to search for Yan if given the opportunity.

But for the meantime, he had to find the life vitality jades.

As Zen and Freya slowly travelled through the naturally formed caves, they could tell how different it was from the upper layers. If any twelfth-grade vicious beasts sensed their presence, they would have no choice but to run for their lives.

After squeezing through a passageway barely the width of a person, Zen stepped into some kind of wide clearing. A massive creature lay prostrate within the cave—it had nine heads, all of which were lying quietly on the ground, sound asleep.

"It's a legendary beast, Nine-head Snake! A fully grown one!"

"Shh! It's a twelfth-grade beast. You can compare it to a Spirit Supreme Realm master!" "Let's go back!" Freya whispered harshly into Zen's ear. The sight made her extremely vigilant.

But Zen only pointed to something in the distance. "Look over there!"

In the area where the Nine-head Snake was in a deep sleep, a mass of milky white gems lay. Even though they were over four hundred feet away from them, the two could still feel the incomparably pure vitality of heaven and earth they contained.

"Are those life vitality jades?" When the milky white gemstones came into Freya's view, her eyes gleamed with excitement. While she knew that the twelfth-grade beast wasn't something she could dare to provoke, she couldn't ignore the pile of live vitality jades.

If she could obtain them, it would make a third of her task accomplished. Even if the gemstones were to be divided between her and Zen, each of them could still get over ten.

The weight of the gemstones made her consider the risks of heading straight for them—the Nine-head Snake was no obstacle to take lightly.

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