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   Chapter 1304 Freya Mu

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He was naturally unhappy to do hard manual labor after he had ascended to the Upper World, but Zen did not hold grudges against anyone.

Back then, if he had let Yolande extradite him or even left with the Celestial Position members, he would not have been treated like this.

However, since he wished to ascend on his own, he had to now face all kinds of things all by himself. He had left himself no other choice but to move on.

Zen flew for a while and soon discovered that the woman in plain clothes had been following him all the way.

He stopped at once. Turning around, he asked, "Why are you following me?"

The woman in plain clothes flashed him a small smile. "Oh, nothing! I just think I would be lucky to dig minerals with you."

"You haven't asked me if I am okay with that," Zen said faintly.

His words slightly stunned the woman.

In fact, no one would expect a Life and Death Realm warrior to speak like this to a Soul Sea Realm master. One would think that a warrior at the Life and Death Realm would be eager to tag along with a Soul Sea Realm master. How could Zen, a Life and Death Realm warrior, have no desire to be with her?

The woman in plain clothes smiled. "Okay. So do you mind me following you?"

Zen shrugged casually. "It's up to you."

"Okay. My name is Freya Mu. May I know your name?" the woman inquired him.

"Zen Luo."

As soon as Zen uttered his name, he flew toward the mountain range without lingering for another moment.

Freya Mu stared blankly at Zen's back, her exquisite face betraying a helpless and bitter smile. She thought that Zen was just a Life and Death Realm warrior, but he was also arrogant. It seemed that he really had extraordinary abilities. She instinctively felt him to be very special. If she followed him, it would only help her fortune.


Over the years, many warriors had entered the mountain range and returned with a plethora of treasures. Of course, there were some who never returned at all, becoming lifeless corpses on the mountains.

The range had a total of over a hundred huge mountains, each one a hundred thousand feet tall. They were covered with mine holes of various sizes. These pits had been excavated by the predecessor warriors bit by bit.

Zen had gathered information about the distribution of life vitality crystals across the mountains.

There were many low-grade life vitality crystals on the top layer of the mountain range. If such a mountain range was found in the Lower World or even the Central Region, it would have been considered a rich mine.

However, the Soul Sea Realm masters present here ignored the low-grade life vitality crystals. They needed one trillion low-grade life vitality cr

r two stray pieces.

However, as Freya Mu walked over, a look of surprise and joy washed over her face. "It's not just one crystal. There seems to be a cluster of them growing here!"

As Zen approached her, he saw through the sub-transparent quartz wall and found there was a mass of supreme life vitality crystals hiding inside. There might be several hundreds of them.

"Look! I told you! My hunch is always right. I get luckier if I follow you." Freya Mu smiled, adding, "Let's share them equally!"

Zen nodded noncommittally.

In fact, Freya Mu's hunch had indeed been correct. When Zen had been in the Central Region before, his fortune had been much discussed by others. They came to the conclusion that he was a warrior with great luck.

A warrior like Eddie might also have had great luck, but he devoured the good fortune of the people around him to strengthen himself. Such had been the case with Marilyn and Simon. Their luck was devoured by him and they ended up being killed by Zen.

However, Zen's own fortune spread to the people around him, such as to Letitia, Margaret and even the fat men from the World Commercial Alliance...

Freya Mu had the right inkling because she was sensitive to the luck of others. However, it was not easy to be sure of such a thing, so she could only rely on her intuition.

She was also a warrior who practiced the Ice Law. As she leaned to the side, she reached out and flicked a hand lightly. A gust of sharp, chilly air spread out along the piece of quartz, freezing the entire cave wall. In the cold, the incomparably hard quartz became brittle and countless cracks appeared on its surface. As she gently stretched her hand and touched the wall, it collapsed in an instant. Several hundred supreme life vitality crystals revealed themselves before them.

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