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   Chapter 1303 Life Vitality Jade (Part Two)

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Coincidentally, over a hundred warriors also returned to the gathering place, just as the newcomers were about to leave. These warriors took out all of the life vitality crystals they had obtained and began handing them over.

However, when Zen saw those life vitality crystals they handed in, he frowned. Although there was a massive amount of them in the pile, their quality wasn't too high; there were just some top-grade life vitality crystals and a few supreme life vitality crystals among the lot. There was even a massive amount of mid-grade life vitality crystals. But he saw no life vitality jade in the piles.

Zen walked up and asked, "Friend, may I ask why you only excavated top-grade and mid-grade life vitality crystals? Isn't it too arduous to get these lower grade life vitality crystals? I mean, it would be easier if you got the life vitality jades instead..."

Everyone's goal was to get one hundred life vitality jades, which was equivalent to a million supreme life vitality crystals. In fact, if they exchanged them for top-grade life vitality crystals, the number would be too enormous. After all, a supreme life vitality crystal could be exchanged for about 100 top-grade life vitality crystals. That was to say, they had to gather one hundred million top-grade life vitality crystals to be free. So whatever the warriors had just brought in was worth ashes and sand.

The warriors who had arrived in the Upper World with Zen were also concerned about this issue and they all cast their gazes over to them, full of curiosity and expectations.

To their surprise, the warrior shook his head with a wry smile on his face. "If I don't excavate these things, what else will I mine?" As he spoke, he took a look at Zen and the others and asked, "Are you

Zen had also planned to excavate life vitality jades initially. But when they heard how difficult it was to get them, they immediately gave up on the idea and decided to dig for life vitality crystals instead. At least, they would be safe that way.

They then left one after the other to start their work. The earlier they started, the faster they could leave this godforsaken place. No one wanted to stay here forever…

As for the plain-clothed woman, she was holding onto a pickaxe in her hand with a sullen face. The poor girl had expected her uncle to come and pick her up. However, no one had come. She had no choice but to follow the others and take a shot at mining. She looked very depressed indeed.

Zen examined the mountain range from a distance. Once he had put the token and pickaxe in place, he flew towards the mountain range.

Even though the martial artist he had talked to had said that life vitality jades were very difficult to dig out and that the places where they could be found were very dangerous, Zen had no intention of giving up. He had a supreme divine weapon that was specifically used for mining and he was going to use that to earn his freedom.

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