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   Chapter 1302 Life Vitality Jade (Part One)

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Everyone was silent for a while after hearing that. They had to face reality. And the harsh and bitter reality was that although every single one of them was at the Soul Sea Realm, they had no choice but to bow their heads since they were in someone else's territory now.

After a few moments of silence, one of the warriors suddenly walked out and asked, "So if I pay a million supreme life vitality crystals, then I'll be exempted from service?"

The armored man replied, "Kind of. It's not that you will be exempted from service. The very purpose of the service is to mine for life vitality crystals! If you can pay up enough life vitality crystals, you can leave at any time!"

To everyone's shock, as soon as the armored man finished his words, the warrior took off the space ring from his finger. He gently tapped it, and hundreds of thousands of life vitality crystals piled up on the ground like a small hill in front of the audience's eyes!

They were glittering like diamond and translucent and pure in texture. The vitality of the heavens and the earth contained within them was extremely rich and powerful. Anyone could tell that these were all supreme life vitality crystals!

Although several of the newcomers had seen a great deal of wealth in their life, when they saw this small mountain of supreme life vitality crystals in front of them, their hearts began to thump wildly.

"Here are a million supreme life vitality crystals. Can I leave now?" the warrior asked.

The armored man nodded in satisfaction, but then shook his head and answered in the negative, "If you want to join the Spiritual Force Sacred Place, one million supreme life vitality crystals are enough to serve the purpose. But if you wish to become an independent martial artist and leave our Spiritual Force Sacred Place or the Spi

re valuable and he only needed a hundred life vitality jades to earn his freedom. The questions was, could Zen dig out any of these life vitality jades from this dark and steep mountain range in front of him?

Under the lead of the armored men, the warriors arrived at a gathering place. The chances of escape were zero since several Spirit Supreme Realm masters were scattered around to guard the place.

Not far ahead, several martial artists seemed to have just flown in with pickaxes on their backs. After handing over all the life vitality crystals they had dug up, they got the count of crystals handed over recorded and then flew back. They went back and forth like this, digging for life vitality crystal in the mines, trying to be free as soon as possible.

When the newcomers entered the gathering place, they also received their mining picks and tokens according to the rules.

Although everyone was reluctant to go for the mining, they still had hopes that they would leave here soon. They had the same thoughts as Zen. Since only one hundred life vitality jades were needed to get them out of this place, their goal, therefore, was to dig out one hundred life vitality jades as fast as they could.

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