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   Chapter 1301 The Supreme World Channel

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Before entering the transmission array, Zen had noticed that the divine textures on it were unique.

In the Central Region, transmission arrays were constructed by runes and driven by life vitality crystals. The principle was usually quite simple. The runes were used to make a transmission channel that was connected to the array in another place. The transmission channel could shorten the distance between the two places. For the warriors who previously spent several days flying to Cloudy City from Oracle City, it only took them less than five minutes to get to the destination through the transmission channel.

However, the structure of this transmission array was completely different. Although the divine textures were unfamiliar to Zen, he could roughly guess at how they were put to use.

Not only did the transmission array expand outward and form a transmission channel, it seemed to connect to something else. As for what it was, Zen had no idea.

As the armored warrior activated the transmission array, the warriors who had ascended to the Upper World formed a queue. With a flash of white light, they entered the flying passageway.

When Zen first entered the flying passageway, nothing seemed abnormal about it. It looked almost the same as the one in the Lower World. The entire channel was azure in color.

Not long after, they passed through the azure transmission channel. Suddenly, a large transmission channel appeared before them.

"The transmission channel is so stable!" Zen said as his eyes landed on it.

This giant transmission channel was purple in color. Normally, a channel would only be thirty to forty feet wide, but this particular one was over one thousand feet broad.

What surprised Zen most was that the channel was much more stable than an ordinary one. The surrounding space seemed to be frozen, so it might not be easy for anyone to break through it...

However, just as they entered, they saw two warriors fly over from the other side of the transmission channel.

They looked down at the warriors from the Lower World. One of them chuckled. "We won't be able to accept all of them at the same time. It seems there are more than a thousand warriors here who have entered the Upper World."

The armored warrior who was escorting Zen frowned. "They are all useless. The test is about to begin, and can our Spiritual Force Sacred Place count on these filthy warriors from the Lower World to pass?" He took out over a thousand supreme life vitality crystals from his space ring. "This time it's quite a number of them who have to use this transmission channel. Can you give me a discount?"

The man counted the life vitality crystals and smiled faintly. He picked hundreds of life vitality crystals and handed them back to the armored warrior. "Don't talk to me about a discount. After all, it's the Spiritual Force Sacred Place that pays the money..."

The armore

ight have about ten thousand supreme life vitality crystals in their possession, and some just over a hundred...

One million supreme life vitality crystals was a substantial fortune in the eyes of any Soul Sea Realm warrior.

The four divine kingdoms could be considered relatively wealthy. But, there were less than two hundred thousand supreme life vitality crystals stored in their national treasuries. It was unprecedented that they were required to offer up one million supreme life vitality crystals if they wanted to join the Spiritual Force Sacred Place.

"One million life vitality crystals!"

"How long would it take for us to dig up so many crystals?"

"We would have to spend several hundred years here..."

"I don't want to join your Spiritual Force Sacred Place!" a warrior spit out in annoyance. "I just want to be an independent warrior!"

The armored warrior chuckled. "You want to become an independent warrior? Well, then you have to provide two hundred life vitality jades!"

Two hundred life vitality jades... That equaled two million supreme life vitality crystals!

"That's absurd! Why?" the warrior shouted in anger.

The armored warrior was still smiling. "You flew into our Spiritual Force Sacred Place. Now you have to obey us."

His tone was condescending and familiar. The Soul Sea Realm warriors immediately grew silent. They had cultivated in the Lower World for a long time before they reached the Soul Sea Realm. How could they not understand what was going on here?

Under the circumstances, it was useless for them to ask why, for the answer was already obvious. They were only Soul Sea Realm warriors and would be unable to revolt against a large sacred place of the Upper World.

Seeing the dejected warriors, the armored warrior took some pity on them. "Be mentally prepared and get to work. The Spiritual Force Sacred Place is quite lenient. Some other sacred places are even harsher!"

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