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   Chapter 1300 Go And Join My Uncle

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After Zen was handcuffed, he took a look at the materials the shackles were made of—it made him shake his head.

As it turned out, the Upper World's resources weren't as exaggerated as he had imagined. The shackles were a mere mid-grade sacred weapon—managing to bind him was wishful thinking. Although there were some mystical divine textures on the shackles, Zen was confident that he could break through them with his own strength.

But just as the armored warriors said, there was no need for him to make anything difficult for them. He was facing several Soul Sea Realm warriors, after all—with his current strength, he couldn't make a complete escape.

Even after ascending into the Spirit Reading World, he was well aware of the need to act according to his circumstances—he was no longer the reckless young man that lacked patience.

With the shackles on Zen, an armored warrior took him to a nearby pavilion.

Before the armored warrior left him be, Zen suddenly felt some movement in his spirit beast bag, followed by a cackling sound.

It made the armored warrior give Zen a curious look. "You actually brought a spirit beast with you when you ascended to the Upper World? Is that a contractual beast?"

Hearing the question, Zen thought he would be in deep trouble.

The Ancestral Dragon was something the Celestial Position race was after, which meant that it was very valuable. If anyone found out it was with Zen, he would be cornered. In the calmest tone he could manage, he smiled and said, "Yes, it's a contractual beast captured in the Lower World."

With a nod, the armored warrior turned and left. After all, in the eyes of the Upper World warriors, there couldn't be anything of interest from the Lower World. Luckily, for Zen, that particular armored warrior was too lazy to check his bag.

"How dangerous!" Zen muttered to himself when the armored warrior was out of sight. "Hey, don't make any noise." He patted the spirit beast bag. "If anyone catches you, I won't be able to save you."

After a few days of growth, the Ancestral Dragon had the intelligence equal to that of an eight or nine-year-old child, and understood Zen's words well enough.

Before Zen ascended, Margaret had cooked heaps of food to pack into the spirit beast bag. It was likely that the Ancestral Dragon had already eaten it all.

With the body of a divine weapon, the Ancestral Dragon didn't actually need to eat at all—all it needed to do was absorb the vitality of heaven and earth to grow. But because Margaret had spoiled it with delicious food, it became rather picky. It seemed that it wasn't pleased having to stay in the bag after filling himself up with a feast.

But Zen's threat was rather effective. The Ancestral Dragon treated him as its "mother," after all, and w

pavilion wearing the standard shackles.

These powerful warriors at the Soul Sea Realm all had an arrogant nature—how could they have been willing to wear shackles and be put under control? It was inevitable that they would clash with the armored warriors, but the latter showed no kindness whatsoever. Instead, they started with a warning—no matter how great the warriors were in the Lower World, after choosing to ascend, they were back to zero.

"In the Lower World, you may have been able to hold the life and death of thousands of people in a single sentence. You may have surpassed countless others where you came from. But in the Upper World, you are nobody!" one of the armored warriors roared at the powerful Soul Sea Realm warriors.

The insult triggered two of them, making them exchange blows with the armored warriors. The result of the squabble wasn't hard to guess—the two Soul Sea Realm warriors had to pay the price. They were shackled with special handcuffs, twice the size of the normal ones. These were divine weapons with two massive black balls hanging from them, restricting the warriors seemingly indefinitely.

No one knew what material the black balls were made of—even the powerful warriors had trouble pulling them along. It seemed that it would be all too difficult to even fly away from the restraints.

Three days later, all the Soul Sea Realm warriors left the Ascending Wells before staying with Zen in the pavilion.

After the armored warriors counted the warriors that arrived, they registered all of their names before escorting them to a transmission array.

The supreme world was so wide that even the almighty warriors at the Soul Sea Realm had to use transmission arrays to travel. Otherwise, it would take a warrior almost a year to travel the distance of over a hundred million miles between the two main cities.

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